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My name is Phillip Pool and I own and operate Gone Fish’n Guide Service. I have been a guide on Lake Alan Henry for over 7 years. I watched Lake Alan Henry fill up when they close the spill way gates and started holding the water back. I know what structure is under the water as well as the visual structure above. I have won 2 State Championships in competitive fishing. I have been fishing for 40 years; I have fished competitively for 30 years in many bass clubs tournaments, invitational tournaments, and circuit trail tournaments. My family has a long history in bass fishing. My brother Danny Pool is the lake Supervisor and lives on the lake. This gives me an inside edge, between he and I we are on the water 250 days a year. We are very well known around the lake and surrounding area. We keep up with the fish. I know from years of fishing this lake where the fish are and what they will bite during the changing seasons. We fish 12 months a year. We don’t just fish we catch fish. There is a big difference between myself and other guides; you will find me very entertaining and very professional.

When you fish with me I will help you unlock the secrets of Lake Alan Henry while teaching you many different fishing patterns. I am a bass fisherman’s guide. I also offer Site Fishing for the experienced bass fishermen; you must know how to flip, for this technique is a must, to possibly catch the fish of a lifetime.


I fish with many experienced fishermen who have taught me different fishing techniques and I have taught them as well. I keep an open mind and love to learn new fishing applications, maybe you will teach me also. No true bass fisherman knows everything; it is a constant learning process.

Lake Alan Henry has been known as one of the premier big Bass lakes in the State of Texas. Endless numbers of 10lb bass have been caught out of Lake Alan Henry. Countless ShareLunkers have been caught out of this lake also. There are State record bass in Lake Alan Henry, spotted bass and largemouth bass, possible World record bass.

Our genetics are not polluted because we do not have any other upstream lakes that flow into Alan Henry.

You will be fishing in a 21ft, 2006 201 Pro Stratos; it has all the latest technology. This is a real comfortable ride.

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