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3 fish 90 minutes, over 36#  Watch This

12/03/12  Some beautiful day for December and the fishing not bad.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

December 3, folks our water temp is still 58 to 60 degrees in the afternoon.
The bite is good to excellent depending on the wind. I am catching my fish on
Sinkos, Jerk Baits, Crank Baits and my special bait which has been my #1
producer for the past year. Hopefully they will be on the market soon Corporate
wheels spin slowly. There are some real nice fish being caught, when the water
temp drops to around 50 to 55 degrees the fish will go shallow, although there
are some real nice fish being caught shallow, but they are far and few between.
Winter hasn't even hit yet, give me a call, I'll see what the wind is going to do and
watch the fronts in order to give you the best day, that I know the fish will
bite. Business is slow right now due to winter time and the holiday season.
I'm am pretty much available, I also have a winter time rate of 300.00
for 1 to 2 people. I also have gift certificate for 300.00 for 1 to 2
people. Let's go fishing.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n.
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp



12/01/13  Nice fish Doug.  Capt'n Mike


11/26/12  Sure could use a rain, but the lake is still in good shape. Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

I fished with Elliott Goodwin right before Thanksgiving.
Our day started out slow with just 2 small fish
and we moved to some deeper water ledges, Our day turned
out very good considering that we had a light west wind.
Our total catch of the day in the boat was 20 fish. We should
have been in the 30 or 40 fish, but we lost a lot of fish.
Some were small but many of them were quality, chunky fish
I just got off the phone with my brother Danny who got on
a good bite before the cold front hit and his biggest fish
was 5.8 lbs and I had one of my clients who has been fishing
with me all year long, at least once a month, he was fishing
out of his boat and broke his all time best, a heavy 7 lbs.
Congratulations Daniel !!! We have a little cold front blowing
through today the 26th. The forecast for the next 7 days
is supposed to be in the 70's even reaching into the 80's.
This is going to be a great week for fishing. I have gone to
my winter rate which is 300.00 a day due to the short days.
Let's go catch'em during this fantastic fall weather.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp


11/13/12  They have got to go shallow soon.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

On Nov 7, I fished with Chris Angerer we had no wind and
the fishing was tough we caught 8 to 10 fish all small. That afternoon
the wind started blowing and we were watching the fish stage in deep
water. I told Chris that the next day the fish would bite.
On Nov 8, I fished with Larry Burt we boated 22 fish and had 2
very nice fish jump and throw our baits. The wind was blowing around
20 mph.
On Nov 9, I fished with Dick and Rhonda Robertson for the 3rd time
this year. We boated 20 fish, we could have put 40 or 50 in the
boat but I was hard headed and trying to fish in a very windy area
in 30 mph winds. All and All it was a good week with my 2 biggest
fish during the week was a solid 5 lb and heavy 6 lb.
Most of our fish were caught on deep diving crank baits and a special
shad colored bait that I make that is going into production.
Not a bad 3 days when you put around 60 fish in the boat. I'm
catching my fish where no one would even think about fishing
They are in the middle of the lake, in 40 to 60 ft of water suspended
at 20 to 30 ft of water. The shallow water bite just wasn't there.
We had a major cold front Saturday and Sunday and it is fading away.
Looks like a good week in store for us on Lake Alan Henry.
Wind blows fish bite, Wind don't blow fish don't bite.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp



11/12/12  It got cold last night, but we still need a rain.  Capt'n Mike

Hello Mike
The 2013 Annual permits are ready to purchase and are good from date of purchase to 12/31/13.
The permit office is open Fridays - Sundays 7:00am - 4:00pm weather permiting.
See ya!


11/08/12  These will eat nicely.  Capt'n Mike

Hopefully the picture came through this time. Here is the 30lb flathead and 8lb blue we caught 2 weekends ago. The fishing was pretty slow due to the lake turning over.


Jake and Josh Waldrip with Walter Hicks


11/03/12  A little windy today but should slow down this afternoon, maybe this front will do some good.  Cap'n Mike

Captn Mike,

Nov 1st I fished with Daniel Baza. Daniel fishes with
me once a month every Month. We had a very light south
wind, and the bite was tough as the day went on the wind
picked up to around 15 mph and we were watching the fish on
the electronics start to stage. Around 1:00 pm Daniel hung a
monster fish he had him on for about 1 min and the fish pulled
the hooks loose, it was a very exciting minute. I keep all the
drags on my rods locked down t keep the fish from running into
the brush. Long story and a sad story the fish pulled the hooks loose
after ripping drag out. I thing our total catch for the day was
around 10 fish.
The next day Nov 2nd I fished with Tommy Arenivas our day started
out slow also. We were catching fish but far and few between, we were
waiting on the wind to blow and when the wind started blowing out of the
southwest at around 20 to 25 mph the fish started grouping up, and they
turned on big time. Our total catch of the day was around 40 fish with the
biggest one in the boat going around 5 lbs spotted bass. The fish
bite was really good for about 5 hours when the sun set they split up
and quit biting. Tommy and Daniel fish with me all the time, they are
students of mine and they don't know each other and they both have
been bass fishing around 3 yrs. Both are quick learners and very dedicated
fishermen. They have both been with me when we have got on big fish and
big numbers.
We were catching our fish on Sinkos, DD/22's and a special bait in a shad
colored pattern that I developed 2.5 years ago they will soon be on the
market I can not reveal the product yet. All of my regular clients know
what I am talking about.
Can't wait to tell everyone about this bait, hopefully it won't be long.
This week the weather looks absolutely fantastic if the wind will blow
the fish will bite. The afternoon after 12 pm seems to be the best bite
of the day. I still have plenty of open days for November, now that
Deer season is here the lake has opened up.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp



I fished with Bill Glass of Floydada on 11-2-12. We caught 20 bass, nothing large, from very
shallow to 35 feet deep. Most were caught on worms fished on deep structure. Water temp
was from 64 to 67 degrees. There are lots of shad up the creeks. I had a lure hung on a tree
up one of the creeks, and when I went to get it, a big bass of over 2 feet long was looking at
the hung lure. That's fishing.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

11/01/12  Early morning and evening seems to be the best.  The lake is 11ft from full level, may fish a little better at this point, still plenty of water.   Capt'n Mike

I fished Wednesday afternoon for about four hours and landed two small bass. There were only six other boat trailers at the ramp. The lake was the lowest I've seen it in several years. It was a beautiful day. Let's all pray for good rains.

10/24/12  Bass and crappie should be moving into shallow water with this cold front, the lake turned over last week.  Capt'n Mike

10/23/12  Looks like the fishing drought is over, my friend Phillip Pool said today was one of the best days he had ever had on the lake, yeh ha.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

Hey folks it's been a good while since I wrote a fishing report.
The lake turned over 10 days ago and the fishing has been tough
on everybody. The lake has settled back and is crystal clear, I, myself
was having a hard time on the lake catching fish. I fished with Brian
Tramontina and Bill Henriquez and we lost count of how many fish we
actually caught, it was a tremendous bite. Our biggest fish of the day
was a 10lb 4oz bass that Brian caught. His biggest bass until today was
6lbs. his friend Bill also caught the biggest bass in his life time of fishing which was 4lbs 54oz, that may not seem big to ya'll but he hasn't been fishing long.
The struggle is over and I have a very good pattern established.
This is the 8th client that has caught double digit fish with me this
year.. no sad stories today.
We are catching our fish on Shad colored baits my clients that fish
with me regularly know exactly what bait I'm talking about.
This time of year it is all about timing, cold fronts and wind direction.
Today it blew 20 to 25 mph out of the southwest this is the direction
that the wind needs to blow to turn the fish on. We caught our fish in
3ft to 35ft of water, early fish shallow, when the sun gets high fish DEEP.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp


10/22/12  Not much happening yet, we got a rain last night.  Maybe the rain and full moon this weekend will turn em lose.  Capt'n Mike

Took my Dad fishing with me today
weather was fairly nice
had a barometer of 29.895 and steady while on the lake
once we got there the barometer dropped to 29.855 and dropping.
This was the worst day of fishing i have ever had in my life.
we threw everything at them but the kitchen sink , I caught 1 spotted bass about 2 lbs around 930am and i guessing the only reason i caught him was that he was lost.
all the fish were in 15 to 60 foot of water and holding tight
some places were holding bass so tight i would drop a worm down on top of them and no hit on a drop i would pull up real quick and you could feel the bait hit the fish on the way back up..
Although it was not really the worst day of fishing since i got to share the time with my Dad.
So maybe better luck next time


10/17/12  Time to go fishing, water temp is right.  Capt'n Mike

I fished with Bob Burris, Jonathan, and Taylor of Oklahoma on 10-16-12. We caught 17 bass
and one catfish. We caught them on shad colored crank baits, top water, spinner baits, and
worms. The catfish hit a spinner bait. I lost a big bass on a crank bait right at the boat. We
had to really work to catch this many.

The water temp is around 68 degrees. It seems that the big bass have not yet moved up the

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

10/12/12  The big yellows are biting just ask Dan Young  or Tommy Chrestman about this 31#er.  Capt'n Mike

10/10/12  Time to go fishing.  Capt'n Mike

I fished with Reese McBroom on 10-9-12 on a very sun shiny day with only a little wind. We
caught 12 bass with most of them coming up the creeks in shallow water. We caught most
on a Red Eye Shad in shad color, or on a Fat Free shad in shad color. We saw lots of shad
up the creeks. But, we caught some of the bass on weighted Zooms Arkansas Shiner Shad
in 35 feet of water.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

10/09/12  The lake has sure up graded the campsites.  Capt'n Mike

Hello Mike,
It's time to go camping, We now have 32 campsite with shelters, fire rings and lantern holders
See YA!

10/07/12  Water temp should be there, it was in the low forties this morning, that should bring the lake into the 60's.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike

I fished with Sam Cruse on Oct. 5, during a cold front
the bite was a tough bite but we managed to scratch out 12 fish
with Sam catching the biggest 5.5 lbs and we lost many fish.
I lost a monster, the fish hit the bait and ran straight at the boat
we were catching our fish on rattle back jigs, sinko's, and weight baits.
All in All it was a good day and we got to witness something I have never
seen before.
We were in the back of a creek and a group of ducks were in front of the
boat and we were pushing them towards land as we were going into the
cove. We witnessed a Bob Cat come out of nowhere and jump in the middle
of the ducks and caught one, it was one of the coolest things that I witnessed
on the lake. 1 hour later he came out and was walking up and down the bank
in front of us about 50ft away, hunting for another duck.
I guess it was Winner Winner Duck for Dinner!!!!
Fall fishing is great we are catching them on top, in the middle and on the bottom. The big girls are on the move.
Remember folks it is Share Lunker season. Almost had one but it turned
into a Sad Story.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp


10/05/12  Water temp is just about there, and with this little cold front should be there soon.  Capt'n Mike

Reese McBroom and I fished for a while one 10-3-12. We caught 10 bass all on flukes in 10
to 38 feet deep. We found the water temperature to be around 72 degree in most places.
Some places were a couple of degree higher, but the shad are really starting to move up the
creeks. The bass should really start moving very soon.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

10/01/12  We are getting a pretty good north wind tonight, that should get there attention.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike


I fished with T.O. Clark and his 2 sons
Tucker 10 yrs old and Raleigh 8 yrs old. It was a
cold and rainy day. We started at 9:30 am and fished
until 1:00 pm. Their dad and I did not fish, we took care
of the boys. We were fishing with minnows in 35 ft of water
on a creek channel. The boys caught 22 fish these are 2 of the
best children that I have fished with. They were well mannered
and never complained and were totally into fishing,
They caught 22 fish in the boat and lost probably just as many.
It was a great day for them, their dad and myself The action was
fast and non stop. These kids knew how to fish, it was not a babysitting
ordeal. I've had adults that were more demanding, can't wait to take
them again.
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp


09/24/12  It's should start picking up, at least a little top water bite.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

Folks I have not wrote a fishing report since Sept 4, our water temp
had dropped 10 degrees in the past 20 days. I have been on the lake
4 days in the past 10 days the bite has been tough and it was my fault.
I kept doing the same thing, I have switched my fishing patterns and
have had a drastic change in my bite and catch ratio. I have taken the
time to get out of my summertime mode and get into my fall mode.
I'm catching a good number of fish on top waters in 4 to 10 ft of water,
and after mid morning passes I am going back to my deep water fishing
20 to 35 ft deep. There is a tremendous migration of fish heading into
all of our creeks and rivers, from the Brazos River (Buzz Bait) in
Rocky Creek (Jigs), Gobbler Creek (shallow running Crank Baits),
Little Grape (Top Waters and Sinko), Big Grape (Top Waters and 10" Power worms).
Re-spool all of your reels with fresh Seaguar line the big girls are on the move
This is one of the fun times of the year to fish all of the pleasure boaters and
water skiers are thinning out.
Give me a call for to book a trip I'm now fishing full days.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp


09/10/12  At least it has cooled off a little, still would take a run off rain.  Capt'n Mike

My oldest daughter, Cindy, and I fished on 9-7-12 for a little while. This was the first time we
had fished together for over 30 years. When she was a little girl, she would fish with me in
bass tournaments, and we would win some of the time. I found that she still knew how to fish.
She caught a spot over two pounds. We did a little fishing, and lot of sight seeing from one
end of the lake to the other. Our next fishing trip we plan to fish hard. This was a great day to
spend with my daughter. Thanks Cindy!

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

09/05/12   A rain would be nice to change things up.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

Unbelievable fishing, On Labor day weekend Saturday and Sunday,
between 2 boats and 4 people, we boated over 150 fish.
Sunday I fished with Tommy Arenivas, and on Tuesday I fished
with Greg Woolsey and Mark Price, from Minnesota
Mark fishes the FLW on the co-angler side and has caught many
very large Small mouth up to 6lbs, but his largest black bass
was 6.5lbs in his 30 yrs of bass fishing. Northern bass do not
grow as big as our Florida strain bass here. When Mark got into
the boat with me at 6:30am, he told me that if he caught a
7lb bass he wanted to measure so he could have a replica made.
I told him that he had low expectations, that Alan Henry was full
of double digit fish. He said "Yeah Right"
Our first fish of the morning Mark caught a 10.75lb bass, it
measured 24.5" long and 21" in the girth. He is having a
replica made. Great job Mark, by the way it was his
51st birthday today also.
We boated 42 fish today in 6 hrs, on shad colored baits in
25 to 40ft of water. Which brought our grand total number of
fish in 3 days of fishing, to over 200 fish boated.
I am on one hell of a good bite, I know where, what, when, and
how. It's not even fall yet, the fishing just doesn't get much better.
I have the 6th open for this week.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp



09/3/12  Summer is about over and here comes fall fishing.  Capt'n  Mike 

Reese McBroom and I fished the night of the full moon on 8-31-12. It was a beautiful night.
We caught 13 bass, but it seem the larger bass wanted to put us in the trees instead of
coming to the boat. I have never gotten so many bites without sticking the fish. The fish were
hitting so easy that sometimes you had to guess whether you had a bite of not.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

08/30/12  Dove season opens this weekend, looks like good hunting to me.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

I fished 2 days this week Tuesday and Wednesday there was no
wind, and what little wind there was it was out of the north.
One day I fished with my brother Danny because my client on
Tuesday hit a deer on the way to lake and had to have his
truck towed. He was fine, truck not so much, thank the lord
that no one was hurt but the truck.
My brother Danny politely sat in the back of my boat,
did not run the trolling motor, did not give me a break, and
got a FREE day guided trip out of me, and then he had the
nerve to catch 9 more fish than I did that day. On Wednesday
I guided Daniel who is a regular client of mine, who I am teaching
how to fish Lake Alan Henry.
Wednesday was even worse, no wind at all. The wind makes the
fish bite, NO WIND GO HOME!!!!
Our total catch for 2 days fishing was 34 fish. The fish were in a
mood to where they would not commit to the bait. We lost more fish
than we caught. During the 2 day period I lost 2 heavy fish, 1 just got
off and 1 sawed me off, just wasn't my day, sometimes your a hero and
sometimes your a zero!?
There is a slight migration of bait fish and a few fish moving into the creeks.
I am still catching 90% of my fish in 25 to 40ft of water.
All in all the fishing on Alan Henry is very good and the lake is in great shape.
We're going to have an outstanding Fall fishery.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp



08/16/12  Dog days of August,  we could use a rain.  I totally agree with you Danny.  Capt'n Mike

Hello Mike,
Just one Question...........
Everyone please do you part to keep this Lake clean.



Captn Mike,

I fished 2 days this week and caught over 60 fish.
The biggest was 4lbs, and got sawed off by a monster
I'm on great #'s provided the wind blows. I fished
from 6:00am to 3:00pm on Tuesday the 14th did not
catch a fish the lake was like glass, was ready to load
the boat and leave, and say I was skunked.
I have never not caught a fish on Lake Alan Henry,
I was ready to leave. The wind started blowing about
10mph around 10:00am by 11:00am it was blowing
20 to 30mph and the fish turned on it was like flipping
a light switch. I caught fish until I did not want to catch
another one. I have 2 new ways of fishing that will blow
any body's mind. I don't care how good you are or think
you are, this will produce quantity and quality fish.
My brother Danny got a hold of one that he could not
turn or do anything with, it broke the hook.
Fishing on Lake Alan Henry is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anybody can do what I'm doing but I'm afraid to let
this cat out of the bag. If you are interested please call
me to book a trip.
I'm looking forward to the fall.
The method that I am using to catch my fish now will
be a great asset this winter. I'm catching suspended fish.
Until next time Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n


08/06/12  Man there are some big bass in this lake.  Capt'n Mike

I fished with Larry Frymire of Abilene Sunday night. It was a very cool, calm, and quite night
on the lake with a beautiful nearly full moon. We did have a interlude for about 2 hours while
a small rain and lightning storm moved over the lake area. We caught 14 bass with the most
being caught on 10" power worms.

One of the strange things that happen was when Larry got a bite, and the fish hung him up in
a tree. The fish came out of the tree and the battle was on with a very, very large bass. The
bass circle the back of the boat, and I grabbed the net. I turned my head light on so I could
see the fish, and as I looked down, Larry lifted a small bass into the boat. I thought, how did
that little fish put such a pull on Larry's rod. Larry said, did you see that? A hugh bass had the
small bass in her mouth, but was not hooked. I was really wondering about Larry because I
did not see the big bass. I thought that he really had something wrong letting a little fish like
that try to whip him. Larry said this was one of the largest bass he had ever seen. Maybe we
will get her to bite next time.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

08/07/12  At least the lake is in good shape, fishing is slow but the water sports are great.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

Today I fished with David Partlow and his wife we boated
15 fish with the biggest going 4.5lbs. We caught our fish
on crank baits, sinko's, and rattle back spoons. In 30 to 
40ft of water. Not a bad day for 1/2 day fishing and there
was a full moon. The fish feed that night and it kept our
numbers down lower but we still had a good time and caught
quality fish with 1 big one that got away. 
Next week looks like a real good week the temp is going to 
be in the low 90's. I have some openings for next week and
the rest of August, don't miss out on some fun deep water
fishing. I have special rates for 6 hour trips to beat the 
heat. Lake is in great shape and the fishing is very good.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp

08/02/12  Hot, hot, hot, but the lake sure feels good.  Capt'n Mike

I fished with my brother, Boyd, the night of July 31st, and we caught 12 bass  fishing until
about 1:30 a.m. The largest was a 3 lb. Spot. We caught most of the fish on 10" power
worms. It was very quite night in that no coyotes, owls, or frogs were making much noise.
The moon was beautiful.  If we had hooked all the bites we had, it would have been a better
night, but it was one of those nights when it was hard to get the hook set in the fishes mouth.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services


07/28/12  The next full moon is next week, time to go night fishing.  Capt'n Mike

>I fished with Reese McBroom on 7-27-12, and we caught 16 bass up to 3 lbs.
>7 ozs. with
> several going 18 inches or better. We caught them on the main lake points,
> and some of the
> underwater ridges that were around 30 ft. deep or deeper. Every bass we
> caught were on
> 7"or 4" blue fleck power worms, or 5" purple greenie christmas finess
> worms.
> This next week I will start night fishing to escape the heat. I still have
> some nights open.
> Fish Fun-Fish Safe,
> Norman Clayton's Guide Service
> 806-792-9220

07/25/12  Philip just keeps finding fish, way to go.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

On the 24th I fished with Francois Burger, we boated
20 fish from 1lb to 3.5lbs on the 25th I fished with
Daniel Baza and the bite was much better that day.
We boated 40 fish from 1lb to 5.25lbs, total catch
for 2 days 6 hours each was 60 fish. We were catching
our fish on Sinkos and Red Eye Shad lip less crank baits.
in 30 to 45ft of water. This is some great summer time
fishing, I'm fishing from 6:00am to 12:00pm this 
will keep you from getting to hot and the fish are biting 
great. I'm fishing main lake ledges and points. The pic
of the large spotted bass looks funny, he looks like a 
pig that is because he is..he had the tail of a shad sticking
out of his mouth and it was still wiggling, the head is at
the base of his stomach. From my estimates the shad had
to be at least 12" long. Now is the time to go Night fishing.
The full moon starts on Aug 1 rises at 8:22pm, Aug 2 rises 9:00pm,
Aug 3 rises 9:35pm, Aug 6 rises 11:12pm, Aug 7 rises 11:45pm 
I still have some of these dates available for night fishing, so let's go
night fishing and beat the HEAT!!!!
You get to look at the bright stars and the beautiful moon while the 
coyotes sing, your chance of catching a large fish double.
Last full moon I had 2 over 8lbs and 2 over 9lbs.
Until next time I'm Phillip and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp


07/23/12  Next full moon on August 1, good time to go fishing at night.  Capt'n Mike

Fished 2 nights around the full night we caught 25lb best five and the other night we had 21lb best five and broke off a bit one at the boat.

Kevin Romero




07/21/12  Fish slow and deep.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

On the 17th I fished with Mark Grapae and his friend Justin,
on the 18th I fished with Dick and Rhonda Robertson.
Rhonda earlier this year in May, caught an 8.28lb bass
she also caught the biggest fish of the day this trip.
Not a giant but a nice 3.5lb bass. Two days of fishing at
6 hr trips, our total catch was 41 fish, out of the 41 fish
that were caught, there were 15 of them that were over 18",
and the rest were under. 50% of them were black bass. 
It was a good 2 days fishing, if we would have caught all 
of the bites the count would have been in the 60's. 
We did not catch any big fish but were sawed off 2x's
by large fish. I am still fishing in 30 to 40ft of water, off of the 
main lake ledges and points. I love summer time fishing in the 
deep water. The fish are feeding heavily on shad and are in 
great shape so is the lake. Looking forward to the next full
moon. I have special rates for summer time fishing, we
go out at 6:00am and return when it gets hot.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp



07/14/12  Middle of July and still catching fish.   What a lake.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

I fished 3 days this week during the passing cold front.
It was nice to have some cool weather in the middle of July
I fished with Tom Krumland from Roswell, N.M. and then with
Tommy Arenivas our total fish boated was 53 fish, with the
biggest going 7lbs, many other fish over 18".
I am catching my fish out of 30 to 45 ft deep!!!!
I'm catching my fish on 10" and 7" power worms, Sinkos,
and on the new Rattle Back spoons made by Rattle Back jigs.
I am watching my electronics and finding the fish, if I don't 
see them on my graph I don't fish that area.
I am fishing main lake ledges from the dam area to rocky creek.
It seems like the fish move daily, they are going to be where ever the
wind blows the hardest. This is a typical summer time pattern, the wind
pushes the plankton and the bait fish, the predators follow the bait fish
Sometime it is a reaction bite and then sometimes you have to fish Very,
Very slow. The fish that I am catching are beautiful fish they are fat
and their bellies are packed with shad. 50% of my fish are black bass
thanks to the help of everyone retaining the legal limits of spotted bass
I am catching more large mouth than the previous 2 years. 
It is helping our lake tremendously.
I am using 20lb Seaguar on my 10" worms and spoons, you never know
when the big girl is going to bite, you have to be prepared,
I am using 15lb Seaguar on my Sinko. Lake is in great shape and 
ultra clear the light line will get you more bites and also sinks better
in the deep water. I have 1 open day left this month which is the 25th,
for night fishing in August on the full moon cycle you need to start booking
now. I have been booking out early. It is a great way to beat the heat and 
also gives you better odds at catching bigger fish. 
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp



07/13/12  Fishing at night has been pretty good.  Also using minnows works best.  Capt'n Mike

Fun as anything I've done out there!!!!
Big time bass guy but this was something new! Caught 15 on the fly today on 7-11-12.  None on schools just fishing! Nothing big but dang they hit like it was the last bait in the water.

Chris Burns


07/06/11  Minnows seem to be the ticket right now,  a couple that stayed with me at the lodges report catching around 40 fish a day on minnows ranging from 12" to 20".  Capt'n Mike

I fished the mouth of Big Grape this morning from 6:30-8:30. I saw lots of fish on my locator but they never schooled. I caught one on a plastic worm in deep water.


06/29/12  Still some good fish being caught at night and the full moon next week should help.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike

I fished with Michael Stevenson for the 3rd time this year.
Michael is a big fish magnet. He caught a 10.28lb bass on his birthday
April 9th, which was at that time the biggest fish he had ever caught.
Then almost 1 day to the month later in May, he caught a 11.2 lb
bass. We measured both the fish and he had replica's made. I can't 
wait until he gets into my boat again. Every time he gets in my boat
1 of us catches a fish over 8lbs we boated 42 fish, our biggest
two fish were, a beautiful 9lb and a 8lb bass. We caught the 9lb
around 10:30 at night and the 8lb the following morning. We had
a couple of sad stories, Michael lost a big fish that we could not
see at night and then my camera would not work because the batteries
were low, sorry for no pics. We caught our fish off the main lake
in 20 to 40 ft deep. We were using 10" Power Worms looking forward
to the full moon coming up. It is hot during the summer time and so is the 
fishing. The fish are schooling in the early morning and the late evening.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp


06/25/12  This is what it's all about folks, this is a fisherman in transition, do you  think the pacifier will give way later to a cigar.  I think he has the rest down.  Capt'n Mike

06/22/12  Some of the most fun Bass fishing is starting to take place, they are schooling.  Lots of action some big ones too.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

Just thought I would spread some good news..
I've been talking about this, now the water temp has
reached the magic numbers, in the 80's.
The fish are schooling like crazy, this activity
will continue for 4 to 6 weeks until the water temp 
hits the 90's. The fish are schooling from Gobler Creek
all the way to the damn. Some can be small but I personally
saw a school in 2ft waves and they were from 3 to 8lbs.
Shad bigger than a soda pop can were jumping in front of the
bass. It's time for everybody to enjoy some fast, exciting action
I am booked out for the following week and have openings
for the week of July 4th.  This schooling activity is better than
the spawn. Anybody and Everybody can catch these fish.
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp


06/17/12  Summertime, Summertime may be time to get wet during the day and fish at night.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

I fished on June 14th and 15th, on the 14th I fished with Justin Goss,
on the 15th I fished with Larry Foster and Pat Leary.
Our total catch for 2 days fishing was 29 fish, with the biggest
going 5.5lbs We caught all of our fish on the new Rattleback Spoons,
in 25ft to 40ft of water. We could not boat any fish on plastics
it had to be a reaction bite or you would not catch the fish. The
fish would hit the plastic baits and blow them out before you could 
hook them. The fish are staged and fixing to start schooling.
The stormy weather for the last couple of days made the bite
tough and the lake has rose 2.5ft which is great and it looks
like there is more water on the way. The lake is in great shape
and we are all very grateful for the rain. I still have a few days
open for this month and am looking forward for the schooling activity 
to begin, it is getting better everyday. I'm also looking forward to 
night fishing on the next full moon, 4 days before the full moon and
4 days after the full moon will be a great opportunity to catch the 
larger fish. You can also avoid the heat, if you would like to do some
night fishing please give me a call before I book out. 
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp

06/09/12  Lots of schooling fish.  Capt'n MIke

Captn Mike

I fished with Billy Guetersloh and Bill Hipple with his life long
friend Charles from June the 5th thur June 7th
our total catch for 3 days of fishing was somewhere around 
55 fish, with the biggest going 8lbs 8ozs.
On the 5th of June the weather was stable and the fish 
were biting very well. On the 6th and 7th the big storm
rolled in, and we had to work for all of our fish. We 
caught our fish on 10" power worms, rattleback spoons,
and top waters.
The fish are schooling and the bite is very good. Now
that the weather will be stable the fish can go back to 
their normal summer pattern. I don't know the exact amount
that the lake has risen, but we needed it bad and the lake
is in great shape. Summer time fishing is one of my favorite
times of the year. The fish are easier to pattern and the bite
is going to just get better. 
I have special rates for 6hr trips to beat the heat, and for the
hard core fishermen I have split days. 
Father's Day is coming up, it would be a nice gift for dad
to give a guided trip, or to someone who loves to fish. You can also
book a place at Lake Alan Henry lodges, and include it with the guide trip.
Dad or that someone special would enjoy the great accommodations and
they could sit on the big porch in the evenings and watch the sunset.
Also, if you are interested in night fishing on the full moon in July,
now is the time to contact me before those trips book out.
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp




I fished with Dean Taylor of Oklahoma on the night of 6-5-12. We started catching bass just
as it began dark. After it got dark, the clouds started rolling in, and we never got to seen the
moon. The lightening started moving in from the south and east. At midnight, the lightening
started moving in from the west and north. We decided it was time to get off the lake when
we began thunder. The bass were biting fairly well until the lightening started flashing, and
then they turned off. We caught 5 before then. We caught the fish on buzz baits and Wild
Thangs from Strike King. Yes, they are called "Wild THANGS".

My wife will be having surgery on her foot tomorrow, so, I will be wife sitting for about two
weeks. I will be booking night trips for around the full moon in July. The moon is full on July
3rd, and fishing should be good for the fisherman about three days before and 5 days after
the full moon. Bass can be caught when the moon is dark, but it is very hard on the
fisherman at Alan Henry because there are not a lot of big lights so that you can see. The
trees really like lures on dark nights.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services
06/04/12  Norman says night fishing is the way to go.  Capt'n Mike

I fished with Reese McBroom on 6-1-12 at night. We started fishing around sundown, and
fished until around 6 a.m. We caught 33 bass on 10" dark worms, Havoc Craw Fatty's, and
the large Fat Free Shad. The only thing we couldn't do was find the large fish. But, it was fun
getting this many bites on a trip to Alan Henry. It was nice and cool.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services


06/01/12  Summer is here, maybe we will find a pattern on the crappie, at night I bet.  Capt'n Mike


Captn Mike,

May 31, 2012 I fished with Brad Cranford and his very good 
friend Alan, I apologize Alan I forgot your last name.
These are 2 very good fishermen, and Brad is a die hard fisherman
he can't wait for the 1st cast and hates the last cast at the end of the day,
he does not want to quit fishing. We had a great day we boated 20 fish 
and did not catch any small fish, our average fish was from 2 lbs to 
6.5 lbs. We were catching our fish off of main lake ledges in deep
water, we caught our fish on 10" power worms we were using 5/0 
Mustad 45 degree angle hooks and 20lb test Seaguar InvisX line.
We had several sad stories lost fish but sad stories are just sad
The fish are set up in their summer time pattern and the bite is 
very strong. We had to work for our fish, schooling activity is already
starting to set up, it is going to be a great Summer time bite. If you
are struggling to catch fish out of Lake Alan Henry I don't care how much
experience that you have, I can teach you how to fish Lake Alan Henry!
I have special Summer time rates to beat the heat and I also have split
days for the hard core fishermen. If you want to learn Lake Alan Henry
give us a call.
Until Next Time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp




05/25/12   Should be busy this weekend.  Capt'n Mike

I fished with Casey Buckman of Acuff on 5-24-12, and we caught 11 bass fishing until
about 11 am. Later, we went out trying to find a really large bass. This didn't happen,
and it was very hot and still.

Starting around the first of June, I will start night fishing when the next full moon
starts on June 4th. If you want a cool trip, try a night trip.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

05/22/12  Still happening folks.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

On the 21st I had an opportunity to go fishing for 3 hrs in 
the evening by myself. I rarely get to do this in 3 hrs of fishing
I caught 7 fish, the total weight of these fish was 22 lbs. 
Not bad for 3 hrs. The next day I had Erica and Mark Henry
My day started out great, while I was waiting to pick them up
at the boat ramp, I caught a 9.26lb on a spook, it was like throwing
a sack of cement on the bait. I thought it was going to be a great day
I was sadly mistaken, everything went south from then on. I guess
used all of our luck up on 1 fish. We only caught 8 more fish during 
the day. Erica caught 5 of those fish out of the back of the boat.
It was a tough, tough bite. So I gave Mark and Erica a free day.
After 9 hours of fishing. 
The fish are staged in deep water suspended, and are getting ready to 
start schooling. Get ready folks summer time fishing is already here.
After Memorial Day weekend the fishing is going to be great!
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp

05/19/12  Water temp has a lot  to due with the spawners being in 15 and 20 ft water, especially the big ones.. This lake sure has some cool spots even in hottest part of the summer.. Capt'n Mike

I fished with Greg Skeen on 5-17-12. We caught 21 bass on shaky heads with blue
fleck worms. Most of the fish were 12 to 15 feet deep. We had trouble finding the
larger fish.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

05/18/12  Still spawner's being caught.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

Today I fished with Dick and Rhonda Roberson, our day started
out great, within 15 min of fishing Rhonda broke my female client
record in all of my guiding career, since 2005. Rhonda caught a 
beautiful 8.06 lb bass on her own rod and with one of my
custom made Shake heads with a Sinko attached. I put 
the fish in the live well to take photos, while the live well 
was filling up I made a cast in the same area where she
caught her fish, and I caught a 10.09 lb bass. This is 
30 min on the water and 2 fish that weighted over 18lbs.
I caught my fish on a Sinko attached to a Mustad Ultra
Point Spring Lock hook with an 1/8oz weight. Thank the lord
I had 20LB Seaguar InvisX on my rod. This is the 4th double
digit fish that has been landed in my boat in 2 weeks in a row. 
By the way, I had another sad story today, but sad stories
are just sad stories. Lost another BIG one.
I am catching my fish out of 20 to 25 ft of water, these fish
are spawning fish, they had bloody tails. 
Let's go catch a double digit!!!!!
I have 2 openings for next week, please call they will
go fast. 
I'm Phillip Pool I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp



05/15/12  Longtime friend Tim Baggett brought in this 19.25# flathead this morning, were going to eat good tonight.  Capt'n Mike     ps I taught him everything he knows about fishing.


05/14/12  Some real nice fish still being caught.  Capt'n Mike

I fished with Bill Ballenger of Lubbock and Carl Ballenger of Oklahoma on 5-12-12.
We caught 15 bass with the largest going 7 lbs. 13 ozs. Most were caught on shaky
heads with 4 inch camo or blue fleck power worms. A few were caught on Zoom
Super Hogs in watermelon red color. It was a cool  cloudy day to fish. The largest fish
was caught on a shaky head.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

05/11/12  I told you the spawn was not over.  Look at these pre spawner's, way to go.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

Today I fished with Michael Stevenson from Andrews,TX.
This is the 2nd time that Michael has fished with me this
year. He is a big fish magnet, on April 9th he fished with 
me and caught a 10.28 lb bass, yesterday May 8th he caught
a 11lb 2oz bass and I caught a 10.49 lb bass our 5 biggest
fish of the day weighted 34 lbs. this is just the start of the
fishing report. Michael had a another fish hooked but it jumped
and threw the hook, this fish looked like two 10lb bass put together.
It was a possible lake record and possible state record.
To bad so sad!! Who can complain when you boat 2 double digit
fish in the same day. We had a day that we will both remember 
forever. We did not catch 1 single spotted bass. We were on 
a large school of giant bass, I guess they ran the spots off.
We were catching our fish on 10" Power Worms, Carolina rigged
with Mustad 45 degree angled 5.0 hooks. This is the best hook
that I have used in my life, it sticks the big ones.
We were also using Top Brass weights and glass beads with the
Pro Ticker on them, this makes the bait rattle. Thank God we
had 20lb Seaguar InvisX on, or we would not have caught these
Giant fish. We were catching our fish out of 25 to 30ft of water,
off of main lake ledges. If you will notice in the photos these fish
have not spawned yet, May 9th Michael and I went out fishing again
the fish were still in the same spot. I caught a 6lb bass and got 
sawed off by another double digit fish, then the storm rolled in
and we had to get off the water. Hated to leave such a strong 
big fish bite. We also caught several fish in the 3 to 6lb range
that were post spawn fish. We have pre spawn, spawn, and post
spawn fish right now. Our spawn will not be over until the after the
full moon in June. I have a couple of open days for next week, let's
go catch a Double Digit!!!!
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp


05/08/12   The Spawn is not over on this lake, we got a 1/2 inch of rain last night.  Capt'n Mike

I fished with my brother, Boyd, for two days, and we caught 35 to 40 bass on shaky heads
with camo worms and watermelon red senkos. The larger spots were really hard fighters.

I fished with Kim Temple and her daughter, Kera Eady, on Saturday the 5th. We caught over
20 bass on shaky heads with camo worms and rattlesnake watermelon red worms. We didn't
find the larger bass, but the ladies learned how to fish shaky heads. They were fun to fish

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services



I caught 13 bass and one catfish this morning on Gulp baits along the north bank towards the dam. A large one got off, nothing caught was over two pounds. Water temp in the low 70's.

WR Bertrand


05/03/12  They should be starting back on the bite today, lake has settled down from the rain.  Capt'n Mike


05/01/12  The lake is catching water right now,  will help much needed oxygen in the water.   Capt'n Mike

Mike, I took my daughter out in her 1st fishing trip. She's 2 and had a blast watching me catch some small ones... She loved watching them swim back off... Thanks! Love you Avery...


Captn Mike,

This week I fished with Jeremy Swartzwelder and friend Kevin Dunn,
Jason Gazdik, Tommy Arenivas and Chris Knox.
Our total catch for the week was around 120 bass, with the
biggest going to Chris Knox a 7.19 lbs. We had many other
quality fish from 2lbs to 4lbs, and 3 very sad stories,
big fish that bushed us and sawed us off. We caught our
fish in 5ft to 25ft of water, we caught our fish on Big Bite Sinkos
with 5/0 weighted Mustad Ultra Point hooks and on the new
Rattle Back Shake Heads with Tornados attached, and on 
10" power worms, with Top Brass weights and glass beads
and Pro Clickers. This adds sound to your Carolina Rig.
The fishing at Lake Alan Henry remains very good. The top water 
bite is starting to pick up, and we have a new wave of spawning
fish moving in. These fish are spawning anywhere from 10ft deep
down to 20ft. This is very good for our fish, the site fishermen can
not pick the fish off of the bed. You have to back off and fish for
the fish. This is going to be a great month, it always is. I still have
openings for May. In the clear water if you want to increase you bite
ratio go to 15lb test I use the Seaguar InvisX it is the strongest line
on the market and invisible is invincible.
Until next time Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp
I'm Phillip Pool I'm Gone Fish'n


04/23/12  Should be a good week, spawn is on.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

I have seen more big fish moved up into the shallow in the last
seven days than I have seen in the previous 2 years.
May is going to be the best month of 2012. I have already had
2 clients catch double digit fish just last week. I fished this week
with Joel Lanier one day and Jeremy Newell and his wife the next day.
Our total catch for two days fishing was 36 fish. 80% were black bass
and lots of quality fish from 2.5lbs to 6 lbs. I'm just waiting on the next
double digit. I am booked completely for the following week and will 
give everybody an update as soon as I get home. 
Our full moon will be on the 6th of May and we have a time frame of 
4 days before the full moon and 4 days after the full moon.
This is going to trigger a full blown spawn. I am catching my fish on 
Sinkos and my custom Shakey Heads with Tornado, with Green Pumpkin 
and Red Flake being my favorite. The top water bite is good in the 
morning and in the evening. My favorite top water bait to throw at
Lake Alan Henry is a Black and Blue original Lunker Lure with a Black
blade. I like it because I don't have to switch out lines, I can throw
it with fluorocarbon 20lb Seaguar InvisX. I recently received some Tatsu from
Seaguar 15lb test. I am using this in my Shakey heads and Sinkos, the 
casting ability and the sensitivity of this line is unlike any line I have ever
fished with. It is pricey but well worth the price. 
Until next time Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n


04/18/12  Jimmy, Boker, and John came in with this 48# flathead today.  Capt'n Mike


04/16/12  The little cold front probably set them back a little but it warming up today and the fishing will be on.  Capt'n MIke  PS I fished with Eric Allen of Ft. Worth on 4-11-12. We caught 13 on Senkos and shaky heads.
I fished with Bill Townley of Lubbock on 4-12-12. We caught 17 on shaky heads with
watermelon red worms.
I fished with Tony Keith of Smyer and Danny Parish of Earth on 4-13-12. We caught 13 on
shaky heads. Tony also caught this big crappie on a worm.
On these days the largest we caught would go 3 to 4 lbs.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services


Captn Mike,

Today I fished with Chad Loudermilk.
It was a very tough windy day with 2 tournaments being held
at the same time. We got started and put the trolling motor down
and fished one shore line for 8 hours. Chad caught the biggest fish
in his fishing career, a beautiful 10.1lb bass. Our total catch of
the day was 20 fish. Not a bad day considering the wind and all the 
other fishermen. We were catching our fish on Sinkos in 5 to 15 ft of
water. Chad's fish was 25.5" long and 18" in the girth, this was a 
post spawn fish. This is the 2nd double digit fish that my clients have
caught in 2 days. The fishing at Alan Henry is getting better every day.
May will be the best month, we will have pre spawn, spawn, and post spawn 
fish. The top water bite is fixing to explode. After the fish spawn they go 
into a feeding frenzy this is a magic time of year for fishermen to catch 
both numbers and big fish. Load your reels with 20lb Seagaur and hang on.
Until next time Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp
I'm Phillip Pool I'm Gone Fish'n 


04/12/12   If you have not packed the pickup to go fishing, you should.  They are on the bed.  Capt'n Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

I fished with Michael Stevenson we had a great day, from start to finish.
Michael is one of my fishing students who has hired me to teach him how
to be a better angler. We have fished several times together but today
will be a day that he will never forget for the rest of his life. Michael 
caught a 10.23lb bass today on his 33rd birthday. His biggest fish before
this fish was around 5lbs. Our total catch for the day was 28 fish with 
more fish weighing in the 4 to 5 lb range, he caught the fish on a Big 
Bite Cane Thumper and thank goodness he had 20lb Seaguar on fresh 
line. It was caught on a Mustad Ultra point weighted hook. Look forward
to fishing with you soon Michael, your a damn good fishermen and LUCKY
Birthday Boy!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!
The fishing at Lake Alan Henry is GREAT!!!!
Until next time Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n



Caught a dozen bucks before landing on a female. 5-10' deep in brush. Senkos for most, orange and brown jig for others. She went 8 15.
Bob Bellows


0409/12   Watch the video beside the picture, what a great lake.  Lots of big fish being caught.  Capt'n Mike     Watch this it is amazing

I fished with Paul and Jocob on 4-7-12 on a 4 hour trip. We caught 8 bass with the largest
going 3 lbs., and several other fish were lost.

After they left I went fishing by myself for two hours and caught 8 more.

I watched an Osprey pick up a spotted bass that was dead on the water. The spotted bass
was very close to my boat and was large enough that the Osprey had a hard time getting out
of the water into a tree to eat the bass. This was a fun thing to watch. I wished I had a picture
of this happening.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services



Danny Pool


Ronnie Coburn had real good day at the lake, way to go Ronnie!




I read the fish tales of the dear on the lake and I myself caught them swimming in 45 feet of water. All the was across the lake. I thought it was someone's jugs scootin across the lake but it was still a sight to see.

Texas Veteran

04/07/12   Lots of big fish being caught, the spawn is on.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

Today I fished with Matt Ryley and his brother-in-law John.
We boated 30 fish with the biggest going 6.5lbs, and my brother
Danny and a family friend Steve Downing caught 27 fish with the 
biggest 7.5lbs, our total catch with 2 boats was 57 bass.  This 
was on Good Friday and the lake was very crowded with high winds.
We were catching our fish on Sinko's and Shaky Heads with Tornados.
Not bad for an average day. The fish are moving up daily and there
are a lot of fish in the 7lb to 10lb range being caught daily. The fish are not
in full blown spawn yet. This is a good and steady pre spawn bite. 
Overall fishing at Lake Alan Henry is very good. If you are struggling
to catch fish give me a call and book a trip, the time you spend with 
me will help you tremendously. 
The later part of April and the month of May the fish will be in full blown
spawn and the top water bite will be on. The lake is in great shape and the water
clarity is very good. 
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool, I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp



04/05/12  I just talked to a fellow who watch the same person catch 3 double digit bass in a hours time.  What a lake.  Capt'n Mike  Go Fishing Now

04/02/12  Go fishing, this is what you have been waiting for, bigger fish being seen than in previous year.  Friend said that yesterday he was seeing big ones moving up.  This week shows to be great as far as weather goes.  Go fishing, Capt'n Mike

Hello Mike,
Mr Gary Purdy caught this NICE 11 Pounder and a 9lber 
and I Caught this 10 pounder and a couple of 8lbers this weekend.
Big Bass are moving up big time!!
See YA!






I fished with Clayton Roberts, and his three sons from Lamesa on 3-31-12. Carter, 8 years
old, Cooper, 5 years old, and Cameron, 3 years old. We fished for bass, and we caught
some on Senkos, shaky heads. And, We floated minnows with bobbers over submerged
trees to catch more fish. We saw several bass cruising around. I saw a very large bass in the
top of  a tree.

The boys liked to drive my boat with my help. We had lots of fun. We even fed one of the
local wild geese who is trying to raise babies at the lake. These geese nest in the same place
every year.

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

03/30/12   Capt'n Mike Says go fishing,  lots of big bass caught this week up to 12#.  Crappie are real shallow.  Capt'n Mike

3-28 & 29

Folks I have been at the lake for 3 days, myself and my
clients boated over 120 fish over 3 days. The fishing does
not get any better. The big fish are moving up in waves and the
spawn has kicked in. The full moon is coming up and there will be 
a massive wave of large fish. I am seeing more big fish this year
than I did last year. This is probably because the lake is low and 
the fish are more condensed. I had 2 very sad stories in 3 days.
I had my butt kicked by a GIANT ran in a bush, and pulled the hook
out. One of my clients had another big big fish, could not hang on for the ride.
You can't weigh 'em if you can't hold 'em, to bad so sad!!!
I'm catching my fish on my custom made Shakey heads,Sinkos,& Tornados.
The spawn is on and will continue through June. Get your 20lb Seaguar 
spooled up, invisible is invincible. The lake is real clear.
Do not use braided line the fish can see it. I am using 15lb InvisX on
finesse baits and 20lb for my bedding fish. This is very important if
the fish can see your line it cuts the bite ratio by 50%.
I still have days available for April.
I'm Phillip Pool I,m Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp


03/29/12  The water temp is there.  Go Fishing.  Capt'n Mike

I fished with Chris Bandy and Albert Rubio of Amarillo on 3-28-12. We caught 23 fish up to 5
lbs. 11 ozs. The largest crappie was caught by Albert on a Senko. It weight 1 lb. 12 ozs. The
big crappie were just a bonus while try to catch bass. We was bass starting to bed.

The water temperature was from 62 to 67 degrees with the dirtiest water being the warmest.

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

03/26/12   This weekend a lot of reports of bedding bass, time to go fishing.  Capt'n Mike

A possible lake record flathead was caught today what a fish.  Caught by John Davis and crew.  60.25#

03/24/12  What a pretty day, it fixing to happen folks.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

March 21 & 23

I fished with Ray Holguin and his son Alex, during and after the cold front.
It was a very successful trip considering the weather conditions. 
Largest fish went to Ray it was 8lbs. After the cold front it was a 
very calm day on the 23rd the lake was slicked off. We had to work
for our fish. We were catching our fish off the break lines in shallow
water 20 to 30 ft deep, by 5:00 pm the main lake water temp reached
64 degrees. I slipped into the shallows and saw a lot of buck bass 
cruising, the spawn is fixing to happen. There are a few early fish on 
the beds. This week we are going to have very warm temps. and the 
1st full moon is 10 days away. The light switch is fixing to be turned on,
and bass fishing is going to explode on Lake Alan Henry. 
We limited out on spotted bass to eat every day. I have 2 openings for
next week, the pre-spawn bite is on. I have had many emails and phone
calls from fishermen who are struggling to catch fish. 1 day on the water
with me will totally enlighten you on how to fish Lake Alan Henry. 
Let's go Catching.
Until next time Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n



I fished with Steve Beasley on 3-23-12 on a very calm day. As usual for a calm day on Alan
Henry the fishing was not so good. We caught 8 bass on shaky head jigs with a small 4 inch
blue worm. One was caught on a crank bait. The fish were were 10 to 20 feet deep.

I saw one bass up in the top of a tree sunning that was hugh. She was one of the longest
bass that I have every seen. As soon as she saw us, she eased off into the deeper water.
We came back by the same place, and she was crusing and sunning over deep water.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

03/20/12  May be the best weekend yet of the year coming up.  Looks fishy to me .  Capt'n Mike

> Capt'n Mike,
> I fished with Jase Kolb and Tres Watson of Lubbock on 3-17-12. We had a
> very windy St.
> Patricks Day. We caught 10 or 11 bass on Fat Free Shads and Shaky Head
> jigs with 4 " blue
> fleck worms. The wind made it hard to feel the fish on the shaky heads,
> and we missed an
> unbelievable amount of fish.
> Fish Fun-Fish Safe,
> Norman Clayton's Guide Services
> 806-792-9220

Mike, went fishing this weekend and caught this nice largemouth up the Brazos. Caught 4 fish with this being the largest at 5 lbs. Nice catch and release!


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03/19/12  Overall pretty good weekend.  Big bass was a little over 9#,  crappie are moving up.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

Thanks for the information you post about what lures to use. I followed your
post about using those fat free shads, quarter mile west of gobler creek,
and I caught 15 bass with the biggest about 4 lbs. better than coming up
empty handed. I went far west into the shallows average depth bout 12 feet
and I caught this 14.5 pound Cat. If you are not on the lake you should be
dreamin bout it, it's time to get out there.

Thanks for all the info,

Texas Army Vet

03/18/12  Looks like its really picking up, lot of little fish caught.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

March 16 & 17 

I fished with Bill and Paul Fricke, father and son team.
Our biggest fish of the day was 5.5 lbs.
On the 17TH I fished with Cliff Ward and his friend Olan our biggest
fish that day was a little over 5 lbs.
I fished from the back of the Brazos River to the dam area.
We caught our fish on Hawg Caller spinner baits and a new
bait that I have designed, it will be on the market soon.
Our total catch for 2 days of fishing was 53 fish.
We had a lot of quality spots and we also had a lot
of quality blacks. The fishing is great, especially during
the week. The lake is in great shape the fish are going
into pre-spawn right now, by the middle of April the 
spawn will be on and will last all the way through June.
Be sure to take care of your lodging accommodations early
so that Lake Alan Henry Lodges will not be booked out,
these are good people and the BEST place to stay on the
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp



03/15/12  Temp has sure shot up the past few days, its not long now.  Pack up the pick up.  Capt'n Mike

> Capt'n Mike,
> I fished with Leigh Crane-Freeman, Luke and John Freeman on 3-15-12. We
> caught 11 or 12
> bass with 3 going between 2 to 3 lbs. We had trouble finding fish with
> some size. We caught
> them on Fat Free Shads in Foxy Shad color, and Fat Free Shads in Chrome
> color. I take a
> marks-a-lot and put a black back on the lure.
> We found water from 54 to 62 degrees in some of the coves.
> Fish Fun-Fish Safe,
> Norman Clayton's Guide Services
> 806-792-9220

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Ron Edwards and Fred Fiack of Lubbock on 3-14-12. It started off cloudy and
fairly calm. We caught a few fish during this time, but the fish started biting in the afternoon
when the sun came out. We got 15 to the boat with the two largest going about 3 lbs. The
bass were caught on watermelon lizards, Foxy shad Fat Free Shads, and white spinnerbaits.

We found water up to 62.3 degrees up some of the creeks.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services


03/06/12  It's picking up folks, need to pack up the pickup and go fishing.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike

Eat more spotted Bass!!!
It helps our lake, these fish were caught 3-4-2012,
in the dam area.
We let the big ones go, everybody needs to do their part
and declare war on the spotted bass. Keep the eaters
let the big ones go.
I had 1 that was close to 4.5 lbs could not bring myself
to put the knife on him, I let him go.
These fish were caught out of 10ft to 30ft of water, no black bass
were kept. Great job Steven Pool and his friends from Post.
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp


02/28/2012  Lots of crappie being caught by bass fishermen, they are on there way to the shallows.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike

Today I fished with Dan Campbell and his son Josh from Austin, TX.
The day was a cloudy, cold, foggy, and it drizzled rain all day. We started
fishing at 8:00 am, the fishing early in the morning was slow slow slow
by noon Dan and Josh were cold and wet and had to leave to go back home,
they were unprepared for the weather. After I dropped them off at the dock,
I decided to continue fishing. It is very rare when I get to fish alone.
I went up the Brazos River and I was fishing on the double S bend, on the flats
in 10 to 15 ft of water. I caught 18 fish, with the biggest being a nice 9lb 2oz
bass. Thank the good folks at Seaguar, I had 20lb Invisx on my reel or I would
not have caught this fish, due to the heavy brush. My 5 largest fish weighted
24lbs. I had 1-at 9.2, 2-over 5lbs, and 2-over 3lbs. I caught my fish on Hawg Caller spinner bait #44 this bait has a 3.5 willow leaf blade on it and has a
chart. colored head and I am putting a black and chart. natural skirt on it.
This bait shows up extremely well in the stained water and puts off a lot
of flash. It has a special wedged shaped head that goes through the brush
and does not get hung up as bad as other spinner baits. I highly recommend
that everyone tries this bait. My 5 biggest fish today were caught on this bait.
SIZE MATTERS!!!!! So does the color. I was recently put on Ardent's Pro Staff
I am fishing the new Edge Series reels. Everything they say about these reels
is true. They cast further, back lash less and their drag tracking technology is 
superior compared to any other reel I have fished with and also folks,
they are AMERICAN made.
Until next time I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp

02/25/2012  Looks like the light house to me Phillip/ or that what we call it.   Capt'n Mike

I went fishing on 2/26/12 and needed to get a year permit for my boat and the lady working told me that someone had caught a #14 at the crappie house and he took it home and ate it. I guess he had no idea about the sharelunker program.

Steven Diaz



Captn Mike

The fish are up the Brazos River, if you know where the rock in the photo 
is at, and your fishing where this rock is at, go straight across from it
and fish the east bank. I'm catching my fish on Hawg Caller 1oz spinner baits
it is called a "Proven Winner" it has a wedged shaped head. On Hawg Callers
web site the bait order # is "Proven Winner #45" I'm fishing this bait
fast enough to feel the blade turn, and the weight helps me fish in the
wind, and also kicks up mud like a football head jig would.
It's a large spinner bait with a very large blade and the fish can see it
and feel it going through the water even in high winds. I'm also putting a
Hawg Caller black/chat natural skirt on this bait #028.
I love black in the stained water and I love black in the spring. If it is
calm I recommend that you throw a black Lunker Lure (Buzz bait).
Hope this helps all that read this.
Until next time Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n


02/24/2012   Plum trees are blooming,  spring looks like it is ahead of schedule, spawn may be a little earlier.  I heard there were to double digit fish caught last week.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

Reese McBroom and I fished on a very windy day, Thursday 2-23-12. The wind blew out of
the west until about 2:30,and then really blew out of the north after that. We got on the lake
around 10:30 or so, and fished a little before we went to lunch at Fish & D's. As we were
getting back in the boat, the north wind hit, and nearly blew us out of the boat. We were trying
to decide if we still wanted to fish or not, but we decided to go fishing anyway. We wound up
catching 5 bass up to 3 lbs. 5 ozs on crank baits. Red, citrus, and silver color. The wind
made it tough to keep your lure out of the trees. The bass were about 3 to 5 feet deep up the

Time to get ready for your spring trip.

Norman Clayton's Guide Services



Capt'n Mike   It makes it really difficult to plan trips to the lake when we only get updates every two or three weeks. The weather, water temp and fish patterns change on a weekly basis. I think more people should take a few minutes after leaving the lake to let fellow anglers know how their trip went. I have only seen three or four people put updates on the fishing report and i really appreciate them taking the time to do so but they can't do it all by themselves. I really wish there was a forum so guys could talk back and forth about the lake. I know several people that live two hours or more from the lake and it would help them plan more trips and it would benefit the lake by them spending money so we can continue having a beautiful body of water to fish. Thank you for your time and the reports that you post.  Jason Foley

All the reason for people to send in fishing reports..   Capt'n Mike


02/19/2012  We  have had about an 1"  of much needed moisture, should put some oxygen in the water.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

Been 2 weeks of cold fronts, cloudy, cold, and rainy.
The fishing has been tough. The fish have not
bit well for 2 week, from lack of sunshine.
This time of year they need sunshine to speed
up their metabolism. This is going to be a 
good fishing week for the big girls.
You need to fish the rocks and fish during the
warmest part of the day. Good old fashion
pitch'n and flip'n jigs, also I recommend weightless
Sinkos. It will force you to slow down, and the bait
falls very slow. I always catch fish up the Brazos River
this time of year. You can catch the bass
there when you can not catch them anywhere else.
The water is shallow and warms up quicker.
I will even go until my boat drags bottom and fish
I also like to use a Hawg Caller spinner bait
wht/chart with a large Colorado blade. 
This makes the bait vibrate more. They also have
a bait called the vibrating spinner bait. It has a 
blade on it unlike any other spinner bait. This is the time
of year you want to use a trailer hook, because the 
fish just like to slap at the bait. Put your hook on
top of the other hook first, then put your tubing on
and let the hook float free. This keeps you from 
getting hung up as much and will help you catch more
of your bites. We are also throwing shallow running
(Large) crank baits. They run only 1 to 2 ft deep.
The reason for this is that the fish like to sun and they
will suspend in the trees and up near the surface where
they can get warm. Looks like Wednesday and Thursday
this week are going to be good days, I am open on 
both of those days give me a call.
Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n


02/14/2012  Happy Valentines Day, hope you took honey pie to the lake and caught a big one.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

Reese McBroom and I were on the lake today trying to finish breaking in my new boat motor.
We ran around the lake trying to put some hours on the new engine. Late in the afternoon we
finally went fishing. We caught a few bass on a citrus Red Eye Shad with the largest going 7
lbs. 7 ozs. We caught the fish in water that was 52 degrees. Much of the water was in the 48-
49 degree range. All the bass were in two to three feet of water.

The bass are starting to move up and are ready to bite when the weather is right. Start
thinking of booking a spring trip. It's time.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

01/28/12  Pretty good fish for January, way to go Dean.   Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike,

Today I fished with Dean Renfro from Midland, TX.
it was a beautiful January day, with the temperature reaching
68 degrees, water temp is currently 48 degrees and climbing.
We were fishing on the west end of the lake, the fishing was
a little on the tough side. Dean managed to catch our biggest
fish of the day it was a beautiful 8.20 lb bass. He caught this fish
on a 10" power worm in 20ft of water at about 1:00pm. I am seeing
a lot of fish on my graph and the fish are starting to move in. It's 
time to go fishing folks, there are lots of other fishermen catching
quality fish just like this. Fish hard, don't give up, it just takes 1
cast to catch a big fish. Great job Dean look forward to fishing
with you again. 
Until next time Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n


01/26/12  Being the first of the year, you might want to take advantage of buying a family pass.  The pass cost $150 a year from Jan 1 to Dec 31, it gives you 2 car stickers and everyone in the  car gets in free.  Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike

Hello everybody and happy new year!
Wanted to give an update on the fishing at 
Lake Alan Henry.
The fishing has been fair, we're having to work hard
for the fish we are catching. The fish are being caught
on everything from jigs 1/2oz to 3/4oz football head
rattle back jigs and on crank baits, deep diving and 
lip-less crank baits. There have been a lot of real
nice fish caught in the 5 to 8lb class. Right now the
secret is to be in the right place at the right time.
Also catching some large fish on Carolina rig 10" worms.
It is going to be a great year this year, I like the lake
with it being low, better than I do when it is full.
The reason is because all of the points, humps, and ledges
are more exposed and it makes it easier to fish them.
From all of my years of fishing Lake Alan Henry, the 
fish will start being caught in numbers on the west end of the 
lake, the water is shallow and not as clear and it holds
the heat better. Right now the water temp is right
at 48 to 49 degrees. When the water temp reaches
into the mid 50's the fish will go into prespawn.
We have had a very mild winter and the fish are some
what scattered any where from 2ft to 35ft deep.
It's time to knock the dust off your rods and reels and 
get ready for some big fish. 
Until next time stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n


01/09/12  Fishing has been pretty productive, it's winter and slow and easy makes them bite.  Capt'n Mike

On Oct. 24 my boat motor threw a rod. I decided not to get it fixed, but to get a new engine. It
took quite some time to find a place to get a new engine. I finally decided to get a new
Mercury 200 Pro XS from Parker Boats and Motors in Amarillo. These are really nice people
to do business with if you need a  boat or motor. They have Triton Bass Boats. I got my boat
and new engine bac just this past Friday.  I will be going to Alan Henry to break in the new
engine at soon as the weather allows. I have to run at about 3/4 speed for about an hour. I
am looking forward to the new year of guiding and fishing.

Also, its time for everyone to get their boat and motors ready for the new year of fishing by
having a boat mechanic to go over your motor to make sure it is ready to go. Check out
Performance Marine. Billy Sherrill will get you ready for the new fishing season. They are
located at 1318 E 50th Street.

Let's go fishing.

Norman Clayton's Guide Service



12/01/12  May you caught the fish of your dream in 2012,  Happy New Year. Capt'n Mike


12/29/11  Some fish being caught.  Capt'n MikeCapt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike

The month of December has been touch and go
as far as fishing goes. My biggest fish for the 
month was 8.25 with lots of nice stringers, but 
the fishing has been tough, because of all of the
cold fronts and cloudy weather. The fish on Lake
Alan Henry in the winter time do not bite well on 
cloudy days. If you can go fishing on a day when
the sun is bright and shining, with a south or west
wind, you might be real surprised at what you will
catch. The big fish have set up on their winter 
pattern, I'm catching my fish on Rattle back Jigs
Crystal Shad is my go to color, with a pearl trailer.
I'm using 1/2 oz to 3/4 oz football head jigs.
I'm catching my fish from 20 to 35 ft deep. I'm
finding the fish on my electronics, and also fishing
the ledges and the pockets off the main lake, and
in the middle of the creek channels in all the major
creeks and rivers. If you have cabin fever and your 
tired of thinking of fishing and not going you are 
ripping yourself off. We have a lot of mild weather 
within the next 7 to 10 days and lots of sunshine.
Thank You Lord!!!!
I have special winter time rates, $300 a day for 
1 to 2 people. 
Have a Happy New Year!
Until next time Stay Sharp Ultra Point Sharp
I'm Phillip Pool and I'm Gone Fish'n


12/26/11  There are still some die hards fishing.  Capt'n  Mike

Fished Dec. 21st from ten in morning till five thirty, water temp upGrape was 49 degrees. Caught ten bass all in 2 to 3 lb. range on crankbaits. Fish were stacked in pretty well all day. Bass Nasty fishing team.

12/25/11  Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas from the Lodges,  in my 62 two years of living in 

West Texas this is the first white Christmas, were it snowed the night before, that I have seen.  Capt'n Mike

Merry Christmas Ya'll


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