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12/30/09  Guy on crappie house yesterday during snow storm said he was catching crappie and all were keepers. Capt'n Mike

Way to go Danny

New lake record Spot 5.01lbs - caught by Danny Pool 12/19/09 - length 22 inches - girth 14 inches 


12/23/09  Cold and Slow, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   Capt'n Mike

Captn Mike

Went down and fished a little while Sat the 19th.  Lake Temp was a chilly 48 degrees.  Most of the bites I got were in deep water, 40 ft or more.  Didn’t get any action in the shallows.


Joe Bartlett

11/21/09  The lake is clear and getting cooler, the crappie are responding to the cooler weather, with the bass so so.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

Bill Glass and I fished from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. on 11-19-09. We
caught 7 bass during this time. Some of the larger fish when to
over 2 lbs. We did not find the larger bass.

We caught bass on power worms, Senko's, crankbaits, and

After Bill left the lake for work, I saw a large Bobcat prowling
the banks, but could not get a picture before the cat

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services


11/16/09  Crappie seem to be picking up with cool weather.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

Reese McBroom and I fished on Friday 13th, November 2009. We
caught 11 fish with several going 3 lbs. or better. The water
temp was 61 to 64 degrees.

We caught fish on crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and Senko's.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

10/28/09  Fishing is picking up, some top water early and late.  The following sounds like fun.  Capt'n Mike

Hello everyone.  Attached is a flyer for a benefit tournament we are having here at Lake Alan Henry for Brother Bill Wright (Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Plains).  He has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment.  I know a lot of us have been through this with family members and/or close friends and you know all the expenses involved.  So we are having a "Big Fish Tournament" and BBQ dinner to try to raise some money to help this family.  Brother Bill has fished quite a bit at Lake Alan Henry and is an amazing and awesome person. So, let's see what we can do to help him and his family. 
As you can see on the flyer, it is not a "Big Bass" Tournament, but a "Big Fish" tournament.  Anyone can fish for bass, crappie and/or catfish and the top two (2) places will be paid in each category.  I think it will be a lot of fun.  And after the tournament, there will be a BBQ dinner, $8.00 per plate, served at the Lake Alan Henry Fire Dept, along with tournament prizes and door prizes.  You have to be present to win. 
So, please distribute these flyers, pass the word, whatever you can do to let everyone know so that hopefully we will have an excellent turnout, have a lot of fun, and know that we are dong this for a good cause. 
If you have any questions, please contact Jerry Howard or Tim Willis and their phone #'s are on the attached flyer. 
Thank you,

link to tournament flyer


10/23/09   The  crew of 4 Way Movers display some nice yellows 36# and 24# .  Capt'n Mike


  [ sorry about the date on the photo is should say 2009 new camera  the fish were caught on 10/23/2009]

10/21/09  We are expecting rain today, that may be what it takes to turn em on, no cigar yet.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Reese McBroom on 10-20-09. We fished for 4 hours,
and caught 6 bass up to 3 lbs. Most of the bass were caught on

While we were fishing, we watched a friend, Rocky Alburtis, run
his trot line. He had a 36 lb. 4 oz. Yellowcat on the line. This
was very exciting to watch Rocky and his friend put the big cat
in the boat.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services



Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Bill Glass on Monday, 10-19-09, and we caught 7
bass on a day that was very hard to find the fish. The largest
two or three were around 2 lbs,

The lake temp was 66 to 69 degrees, and there were only about 10
boats on the lake at any one time.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, 

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

10/19/09 A windy, slow, mid afternoon on a John boat with nothing but a troller motor. This being my second time on the lake I did not know any hot spots but i guess i found one.  I caught this little bass on a white spinner.

10/14/09   I told you so, nice big yellow caught today, by Mike Mason and JB Orr.   Capt'n Mike

10/13/09  By Capt'n Mike it's time to go fishing.  Look at the temp.



Capt'n Mike,

I fished with James and Tye from New Mexico on 10-12-09. We
caught 7 bass to a little over 2 lbs. We caught them on topwaters
and crankbaits. The larger bass are sure hard to find at this

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

10/05/09  Some 67* to 69* water was reported to me on Sunday, it's about time folks.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Bill Mann of Midland and his brother, Tom Mann of
Arizona on 10-2-09. We caught 10 bass with 3 of them going 2
pounds or better. We caught them on crankbaits, buzzbaits,
topwater lures, but the most were caught on Texas rigged worms.

The water temp was around 72 degrees to 74 degrees.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

09/30/09  With the crappie season at hand remember J's has crappie pontoons to rent.   928.301.0214  Why buy it when you can rent it?  Say you seen it here and get $50 bucks off.  Great for fishing parties.  Capt'n Mike

09/26/09   Good fishing coming soon.  Water temp is falling.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

Reese McBroom and I fished on 9-25-09. From about 2 p.m. until 7
p.m., we caught 7 bass with the largest 3 going over 2 lbs.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, 

Norman Clayton's Guide Services

09/18/09  It's starting to pick up for crappie,  remember the J's has crappie pontoons for rent.  Capt'n Mike

This is a three hour outing at Alan henry using minnows.  The largest crappie was 15 1/2.  Nice crappie caught by Janis Canterbury on

09/02/09  Herb Henderson and Henry Fehr caught what will be the new lake record blue cat at 39#s today.  Capt'n Mike


08/22/09  Finally some good news, reports of good bass at night and morning.  Also remember J's watercraft { 928.301.0214 } rents pontoons for the up coming crappie this fall. Capt'n Mike

I had a great night and morning throwing buzz baits, looks like the top water bite is finally beginning. The size was larger last night and the numbers were high this morning. The largest bass last night was 5lbs. And this morning I was getting everything from 6 inch to 2lbs with good numbers. As soon as the thunderstorm passed and the sun came out I got a few on DD 22s and called it a day by noon. I saw water temps from 78 to 80 degrees.


Paul Roberts


07/30/09   Slow, Slow, is the way is the way the fishing goes, not much happening.  One thing of interest, divers in the lake recently found 38* to 40* water at 40 to 45ft three miles up river from boat docks.  That is amazing.  Right now right temp and depth means a lot.  I would fish the schooling bass,  black shad color tube 3 inch, 1/16 weight and cast out beyond surfacing fish and let fall for 15 to 30 seconds below surfacing fish.  Retrieve by pulling under school you should catch bigger fish this way.  The big ones are below the school picking up scrapes of dead shad.  Capt'n Mike

07/09/09  The full moon is out and that means good night fishing, sure is cooler.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

I fished the night of July 3rd into the morning of the 4th. The
fishing was slow, but the size was great with the largest going 8
lbs. 9 ozs.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, 

Norman Clayton's Guide Services


Hello Mike,

Got a 10lb 13oz, My wife is teaching me how to fish. 
See ya,



07/03/09  Have a great 4th of July and be safe doing it.  Fishing has been slow, but even after slow start this week the Bostick and Rice families are going to eat good tonight.  25# yellow and several good ones while having family reunion at Lake Alan Henry Lodges.  Capt'n Mike

Caught last night on troutline 07/03/09  Rice and Bostick familys

06/29/09  Man has it been hot, night fishing is the way to go now.  There are still some big ones being caught, despite the heats  Capt'n Mike

Hello Mike,
My wife is now giving me some lessons.
10 lbs 10oz
See ya,



06/17/09  Well you can sure say that June has turned into a great month for fishing despite the heat.  Capt'n MikeCapt'n Mike,

Larry Frymire and I fished all night of 6-15-09 and we caught
around 15 bass with a couple going around 3 lbs. We had bass that
hung us up in trees because we couldn't see the underwater trees,
but it was a lot cooler during the night than the 100 degree heat
during the day. We will get the bigg'n around the full moon in

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services


Pictured below is Delton Womack with a 6.14# bass,, of Womack Guide Service

Lake is clear,78*,  Fishing is good early on top water pop R;s and swim baits, mid morning and thoughout the day plastic worms, watermelon/shartreuse  , 25 to 35 ft water.  Delton Womack

06/13/09  Fishing has been great for June.  Capt'n Mike

this 6lb 7.5oz largemouth bass was caught by Gary "buzzy" Hardin on 6-12-09 on a 7 in motoroil red fleck powerworm in about 25ft of water.the bass was "the biggest that i had ever caught and it was on a trusty zebco 404."

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Carlos Bills and Roy Blanchard on 6-9-09, and we
caught 8 to 12 bass with a couple going around 3 lbs. We could
not get the large bass located. I was teaching these two
fisherman how to fish plastic worms. They did a good job learning
several tricks to fishing worms. They will do well in the furure.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services


06/09/09  What a crazy year,  look at the size of the bass that have been caught recently [ since 5/27/09 ] and Stan Daniels reported he caught and measured a 19 inch crappie Sunday.   Fishing is good right now.   Capt'n Mike


Here is a picture of the fish Joe Mercer caught on June 3.  The bass weighed 12 pounds and was 27 inches long.


06/08/09  No better way to beat the heat time to go to the lake.  Here are some real nice ones caught last Thursday, in 20 to 30ft water by John Ziska.    Capt'n Mike

Caught by Bite Right Guide Service, John Ziska,  Last Thursday


            7.2#                                                               5.7#                                                                                           9.2#                                       


                                                                                                                                                           7.0                             6.0

Hi Mike, thanks again for being a sponsor for next weeks Hourly Bass Tournament.  Can you please post the information on the fishing report.
WHEN: JUNE 13, 2009
$10 (Jr Division 17 & under)
START TIME: 6:00am
Hourly Begins: 8:00am
End Time: 3:00pm
Registration: Friday 06-12-09 4pm to 9pm and Tournament day 5am to 7am at the ramp.
BIG BASS $900 in Cash and Gift Cert.
2nd BIG BASS $500 IN Cash and Gift Cert.

Jr Division
BIG BASS $200 in Cash and Gift Cert.
2nd BIG BASS $100 in Cash

Contact for Information: Mo Herridge/David Robles/Hugh Bryan at 806-495-2175




I caught this 7lb and a quarter on 5/30/09.  She took a berkley chigger craw.

06/05/09  The bass are in 20 to 30ft water, good on worms.  Capt'n Mike

Capt. Mike,
It was a beautiful day at Alan Henry Thursday.  It got better when I caught this
great Bass.  She took a watermelon trick worm about 11:00 AM.  We had to estimate her
weight at 9 +.  If Jim Townsend asks you to go fishing, make sure he has scales in the boat.
Thanks for all you do!
Jim Caddell,  Lubbock

06/01/09  Looks like we are in the summer mode now, the fish have gone deeper.  Capt'n Mike

Hello Mike,
Got a 10lb 1 oz....... 32ft DEEP Water

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Gary Evans from Colorado on 5-30-09, and we caught
8 to 10 bass. The only problem was that the fish were on the
small size, and after the sun became high, the bite really became
tough. The bass are beginning to move to a summer pattern.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

05/31/09  Lake is in good shape and good fishing continues.  Capt'n Mike


Lake is full, water is clear.  Fishing is good to very good in 15-35ft water.  Top Water and soft plastic lures.  Delton Womack of Womack Guide Service

This nice bass was caught by Don Snodgrass, 7.44#  Guided by Delton Womack, Womack Guide Service

Tim Jinkins, 9.11# below  also guided by Delton Womack way to go,  Womack Guide Service

05/30/09  Lots of good bass still being caught.  Capt'n Mike

Hey Mike
Had a good day Sun. the 7th on the water! Bill Hamilton and I  caught about thirty plus with the largest pictured. She weighed 9lbs on a scale I wouldn't trust, but never the less GOOD fish. Had noticed two boats letting trash fly out of their boats. PLEASE! Let's keep the lake as nice as we found it! There are not many as nice as this one. Thanks Floyd

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Mike Moore and Butch Hall of Midland on 5-28-o9. We
started fishing a little after 11:00 am, and fished until
sundown. We caught 31 bass on worms up to 3 lbs. 8 ozs. with
others going over 3 lbs. or close to it.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services


05/27/09  We got about 1/2 inch of rain yesterday, what a weekend.  Capt'n Mike

We fished most of the day Saturday and the top water bite seemed to be the best. This bass is a 5# 7oz top water taker.  Randy Westbrook

I forgot to sent a picture of an owl that I shot during my 5-19-
09 fishing trip, so, here it is. I love to watch for the wildlife
around the lake. The pigs, deer, bobcats, and the birds are seen
fairly often.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services


Capt'n Mike, 

I fished with Kirby Huffman and his son-in-law, Brad, on 5-23-09
for about 4 hours. We caught 11 bass, but the largest was about
18 inches long. The lightning ran us off around noon.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services


05/20/09  Fishing is coming back with the nice days, temp in lake still cool.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with my brother, Boyd and his son, Ryan King, on 5-20-
09.  We caught 16 bass with the largest going 5 lbs. 5 ozs. on
worms. All day, the bass were taking the worms so easy that most
of the time it was hard to tell if you had a hit or not. The wind
didn't help.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services



I fished today 5/20 from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Grape Creek. I caught about 20 bass up to 16 inches. I had bigger fish on but never got them in the boat. All of my fish were caught with Gulp shad colored baits fished without a weight very slowly next to the bank. The water temp was 69-70 degrees.  Bertrand


Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Brad and Caleb Cranford of Abilene, and Jerry
Cranford of San Angelo (3 generations of fisherman) on 5-18-09.
We caught 18 bass up to 3 lbs. 4 ozs. We really had a great day
on the lake. Here are their fishing pictures.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services


05/14/09  Hot yesterday, cool today, what's a bass to do,  yes we still have bass in spawn.  Look at the belly on this bass as well as date on picture.  Capt'n Mike

Hello Mike,
Got a nice one, 9lb 5oz

Hey Mike, A little late getting this to you, I was on vacation the first week of May and we had a good week. This Yellow cat when 35Pd's and me and Joe Fondy of Slaton had a time cleaning it.Me and Bobby Kay of Lubbock had a good day on crappie and cats. This Big crappie when 17 1/4 inch's and was 2.33Pd's...   Mark Walton




Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Dennis, Vincent, and Everett Tedford on 5-8-09. The
fishing was really tough, but we caught a few bass. It was one of
those very windy days, but here is a picture of Vincent with the
3 lb. bass he landed.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services

05/13/09  Still catching bedding bass, look at the belly below,  crappie have been good.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

Here is the picture of Byron Holloway's 8 lb. 7 oz. bass that was
caught the day after he and Wes Holloway fished with me. It was
caught on a Senko.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services

05/05/09  It's going to get hot today, the fishing is excellant.  Capt'n Mike

Capt Mike,

Went fishing last Saturday (5-02-09) morning for a while.  Misty and cold. About 50 Deg outside but water temp was 65 - 70.  Caught this 7.9lb in gobbler on watermelon red sinko.  Also caught several others including a 4lb a friend caught. 

Gary - Levelland Tx.     NOTE:  disregard title under pic.... was downloaded with pics of vacation earlier this yr.  Fish were caught at Lake Alan Henry.

Hey mike, just wanted to say thank you for the nice stay at the lodge. It was really nice and the family loved it. Sitting on the porch, cooking hamburgers and visiting with the other fishermen! We caught several fish. My son's biggest was 3lbs 2 oz. and mine was 4 lbs. All the others were 1 1/2 to 2 lbs caught on salt-n-pepper flukes up in the brush in 4 to 6 ft of water. Here are a couple of pics. Thank you again and I'll definitely be back to stay again!


05/04/09  The cool weather slowed things down a bit this weekend, but it goes to 100* on Thursday, so its going to heat right back up as well as the spawn.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Michael, Gary, and Jerry Ubank from Weatherford,
TX, on friday and saturday, 5-1-09 and 5-2-09. We caught 21 fish
on friday with several going around 3 lbs. One of the Weatherford
fisherman had a large bass throw the hook when the big fish
surfaced, and He is still whining about it. These guys were good
fisherman and we had lots of fun giving each other a hard time.

On saturday, we caught 27 bass up to 4 lbs. 4 ozs. with several
others going around 3 lbs. The Weatherford fisherman who lost the
large fish on friday did catch the largest on saturday.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services


Just wanted to share a pix I took one evening when coming in from fishing. I thought you would enjoy the sun set!


04/30/09  Well if you are still chasing that flu bug around the office, its time to say enough is enough.  I need some country and fresh air, what better way to do that, than good fishing trip, with fish biting.  Capt'n Mike  go fishing today

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Sam and Brett Tillett on 4-29-09, and we caught 14
bass up to 5 lbs. 8ozs. with several others going over 18 inches.
It was a great day with the weather going from calm to very windy
to a little rain.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services

04/29/09  If you consider yourself a bass fisherman, you need to hook up the boat and come to this lake now, it is happening!  Capt' n Mike


Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Alan Celoria and his friends, Jerry, Paul, and
Stan, on 4-27-09. I would fish with two guys and then swap for
two other fisherman. These guys were really fun to fish with. The
largest bass went 4 lbs. 4 ozs. caught by Jerry, with another
going 3 lbs. 1 oz., and some of the other bass going close to 3
lbs. We caught 13 bass in all with several other fish brought
close to the boat for a quick release. (You know, They jumped off
the hook) Thanks Guys

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services


    Lewis Cannon and I were at the Lake on 04/22/09 and we had a very good day fishing! Lewis caught many fish, and I caught these 2 hawgs!
The first pic is of an 8lb 9oz hawg, and the 2nd is of a 6lb 12oz caught on a spinner bait.
Thank you for your site!





04/28/09  When I get down to 2 reports a day you know the fish are bitting.  Capt'n Mike

Fish below we caught this week, by Bite Rite Guide Service, John Ziska

from left to right  John Ziska 8.17,  Kevin Evans 7.15


from left to right  Gene Needham 6.14 # .  Bobby Cabaniss  5.15 #



04/28/09  Well if the boats not hookup get it that way.  Several good reports on crappie.  Delton Womack caught a 10# bass today.  

Womack Guide Service,  Delton Womack 10.2#  Black Bass

04/27/09  Lots of fish being caught..  Capt'n Mike

Hey Mike.Caught this 9.8 Friday at 9:45 on my first cast.What a day.Doug.

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Caxton and Waylon Harpold on 4-23-09, and we caught
17 bass on worms up to 4 lbs. 4 ozs. with others going nearly 3
pounds or better. The wind was so calm on this day that I thought
I was somewhere besides Lake Alan Henry.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

04/24/09  Two bass over 10 # have been caught this week.  Go Fishing Now.  Capt'n Mike

April 19th, we caught 24 bass in Big Grape, with the biggest about three pounds. On April 21st, I caught 18 bass in Big Grape with the biggest being 4.5 pounds. I saw some males sticking to the beds and saw two females starting to spawn. The 21st was the calmest (no wind) I have seen it. We went today and caught 7 bass and it was windy. We got a slight rain this afternoon. It is time to go fishing!
Bryan Moffitt


04/23/09  Some real big crappie being caught in about 20 ft water along the bluffs, none in shallows yet should be soon.  Bass are very active. lot of crusiers, not much yet on the beds.  Capt'n Mike

04/21/09  Do you see the temp, Time to go Fishing!!!!!!!    Capt'n Mike


Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Kevin Romero and Jimmy Douglas on 4-21-09, and it
was the most beautiful day I have ever seen. I didn't know how to
fish because there was absolutely not wind. We caught 11 or 12
bass up to a little better than 3 pounds on plastic worms. For
such a pretty day, the fishing was tough. We watched a bass
weight in at Brenda's Last Stop that was caught off of the boat
dock. It weighted 10.33 pounds.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

Capt'n Mike,

My brother, Boyd, and I fished the week of 4-13-09 thru 4-18-09.

On Monday, 4-13-09, we fished with Charlie Dunn for half a day
with the wind blowing out of the north. We only caught 4 fish to
about 2 1/2 pounds on crank baits and brushhogs.

On Tuesday, 4-14-09, we only caught 6 bass to over 3 pounds on
crank baits and brushhogs. This was a very windy day.

On Wednesday, 4-15-09, we caugth 15 bass on crank baits with
several going 3 pounds or better.

On Thursday, 4-16-09, Tim Martin and Louis Hanna joined Boyd and
I, and we caught 15 fish to over 3 pounds on crank baits. We had
to get off the lake early because of the big rain and hail storm.

On Friday, 4-17-09, Tim, Louis, Boyd, and I caught 21 fish on
crank baits and Senkos.

On Saturday, 4-18-09, we fished only 4 hours and caught 5 bass.

On Friday, I got a really good picture of a deer standing next to
the water.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services


Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Ted Willis on 4-20-09, and we caught 12 bass up to
3 pounds on worms and senkos. We had a litte wind, but it was a
very nice day.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services

04/20/09   As usual Lake Alan Henry is a lot behind the other Texas Lakes as far a warming up,  the spawn is just starting on this lake.  Everyone this weekend reported catching fish, but also seeing alot of bucks cruising the shallows.  It's time to go bass and crappie fishing.  Capt'n Mike

04/17/09  We got about an inch and a half of rain, along with golf ball size hail last night.  Capt'n Mike


I fished with my kids Clint, Casey, Whitney and son-in-law Everette on the 10th ,11th , and 12th of April over the Easter Break. The wind was a little more than I would have liked, but on this lake you can usually find some areas out of the wind. We caught a lot of small bass, nothing big. But hay when the wind is 40 mph + any fish is great. Most of the fish we caught were 2-3 lbs, caught on plastic worms. The water was anywhere from 59 to 61 degrees. I guess the weirdest thing we saw was a guy skiing. We did have some fun with a couple of Raccoons’ that followed us around wanting a handout. So we felt sorry for the poor one and caught him a fish to eat, he really enjoyed the meal. The other one just got a cookie. We also stayed at the Getaway house wish was nice for us,plenty of room. Hope everyone has a great and safe summer and remember “practice catch and release”.
Cliff Harris


04/12/09  Everybody catching something, this week should be great.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Bill and Carl Ballinger, a father and son team, on
4-11-09, and we caught 18 fish with a couple of the largest going
over 3 pounds. Several others were very close to 3 pounds. We
caught every fish on crank baits. It was a very windy day, but we
managed to have a great time.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Doug McCrary of Andrews on 4-10-09, and we caught
11 bass on worms, spinner baits, and crank baits. The largest was
over 4 pounds with several others really close to 3 pounds.

I got a good picture of a racoon which followed us down the bank
as we fished.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services



Capt Mike
My Dad and I were out on the Lake this past weekend and I caught my first 'big' bass - We did good - 35 fish for the weekend most 2.5 lbs or less but one was big. Caught her on a creature bait. 7.7 lbs 24 inches in length - Another great (windy) weekend on the lake!
Milisha Stevens





Capt'n Mike,

We appreciate your support at Alan Henry.  My grandson, Chris Caddell, caught his first bass at Alan Henry on Good Friday.
It was a 2 1/2 pounder and there was much excitement in the boat.  I believe Chris is hooked forever!  We need to take our kids more often.
Jim Caddell  -  Lubbock

0410/09   I had a report from some fishermen that fished yesterday, the caught fish all day in clear water, with winds up to 50 mph here.   Might be time to fish transitions on the lake between clear and muddy water.  Water temp will come up fast now, fish shiny and sparkles in clear water and noisy in merky water.  This Lake is always late on the spawn, on the 14th and 15 of April it shows to really warm up.  Remember if you think you are fishing slow, then slow down more.  Good luck catch a big one!  It's time to go fishing.   Capt'n Mike

04/09/09  I predict there will be some good fish caught this weekend, if we get some decent weather.  It's time to go fishing at Lake Alan Henry.  It should just get better from now on.  Capt'n Mike


Mike, My cousin and myself stayed at the lodge on 4-5 and 4-6. The stay was good and the fishing was pretty good considering the weather.We caught 7 fish Sunday evening with no size. Monday we caught 15 fish and 4 of them in the 6 pound range. We fished until 1:PM on Tuesday and caught 6 fish and one of them a 7 pounder that was about ready to pop. We're planning on coming back in a couple weeks and with some good weather the fishing should do nothing but get better.      Jimmy and Melvin



Hi there. Thought I'd send you a picture of the winnning fish for the Hub City Big Bass open last Saturday (4-4-09). 9.51 pounds  Caught on crankbait by Wesley Wilson.


04/08/09  Cold and wind maybe its over, still no spawn the last two weeks have set'em back,  maybe we will get a break.   Capt'n MikeCapt'n Mike, 

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with James Lemon on 4-3-09, and we had a very hard time
catching fish. We talked to a lot of fisherman that day, and we
did not find anyone catching bass. We managed to catch 4 fish up
to about 2 1/2 pounds. Usually, I don't have that hard of a time
catching fish, but this was one of those days no one likes to

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Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Bill Glass on April Fool's Day, 4-1-09. We did not
fish very hard, but we really looked the lake over. Even not
fishing very much, we still caught 5 bass, and I lost a really
good bass early in the morning on a crank bait. I whined about it
for a good while. We were learning more about the lake by looking
it over with the electronics.

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I fished with Ken Sanderson and Bill Hippel on 3-31-09, and we
caught 9 bass up to about 3 1/2 pounds on crank baits and spinner
baits. The wind was blowing out of the north in the morning, but
changed to the southwest in the afternoon. After the wind
direction changed we really had trouble catching fish.

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03/29/09  You had to be tough to fish the last couple of day, windy and cold.  Capt'n Mike

Hey cap't mike, well last sunday my wife and I fished Alan Henry and I caught 5 total bass, biggest being a skinny looking 3 lb 6 oz and the rest being 1 1/2 to 2 lbs. All caught on cranks and traps. Was very windy and a front was moving through so fishing was a little tough. Just thought I would share the pics and info. w/ ya! Lance and Sherry Howard!


03/20/09  Get ready, its nearly fishing time, but remember our spawn is spread out usually through May.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Shannon and Bradley Adkins of Idalou on 3-18-09. We
caugtht about 12 fish that weighed up to 9 lbs. 9 ozs. The
"catch" to this story is that the largest fish was a Blue Cat
caught on a spinnerbait by Bradley. I tried to tell Bradley that
I was a Bass Guide, not a catfish guide, but I was proud of
Bradley for catching the big cat. The cat was in about 4 1/2 feet
of water.

The largest bass went about 4 pounds.

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03/18/09  One of the biggest mistakes on this lake is not being ready for the big one, to small of test line will lose you fish in this lake, even if you have the right gear like Danny below you still lose one every now and then.  Capt'n  

Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Robert, Trey, and Hunter Bolton on 3-17-09. The
fishing was tough, but we managed to catch 7 or 8 bass on
crankbaits. The largest only went around 2 1/2 pounds.

We watched a man land a 10 pound bass just down the bank from us.

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 Hello Mike,

I got lucky and hit a schools of bigens. 6.2oz, 6.8oz, 7.4oz, 7.6oz, 8.10oz total 35.14oz. When I reeled the second one in about 15 bass the same size followed it to the boat. I had another one on that broke the hook on my crank bait..... I think it was the ONE!!!!
see attached


03/10/09  We got a small shower this morning, fishing was not that good this past weekend, maybe the unsettled weather will bring more luck.  Capt'n Mike


Capt'n Mike,

 I fished part of the day on 3-10-09, and caught 7 bass on
crankbaits. The largest was only 2 3/4 pound.

 On this day, it rained a little, the wind blew, cloudy most of
the day with the sun shinning a litte.The water temp was 54
degrees to 60 degrees in the back of some of the creeks.

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Myself and a friend, Johnny Watson from Mayhill, NM fished Lake Alan Henry from March 1, 2009 thru March 7, 2009 and caught quite a few smaller bass from half a pound up to four pounds. On March 4, I caught this fish in Big Grape on a trick worm in about 8 foot of water. My scales didn't work so we estimate that the fish was in the upper 8 pound to 9 pound range. She showed no signs of developing eggs for the spawn but was feeding up. If the weather stays good and the temps remain high the spawn will start in the next couple of weeks.

Sammy Reno
Artesia, NM

03/04/09   Water is clear and warming up, might be time pull the old boat out.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

Larry Frymire and I fished on 3-3-09, and we caught 9 to 10 bass
up to 3 1/2 to 4 pounds. We caught the bass up the creeks on
Senko's and crankbaits. The water temp was from 51 to 57 degrees.

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03/01/09  The fishing is definitely picking up as it warms up it will get a lot better.  Capt'n Mike

 Me and my roommate went fishing today (2/28/09) and caught 5 bass.  The two biggest were 5 lbs 10 oz and 8 lbs 3 oz all caught on crankbaits.
Kevin Cartwright

02/27/09  The weather is a little cooler today,  quite a few fish caught this week but nothing big.   The following picture show's some of the natural beauty of this lake, thank you Norman, sometimes its not all about the fishing.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

Jack Graham and I fished on 2-25-09, and we caught 9 bass up to 2
1/2 pounds. We could only find the buck bass moving around. We
saw bass acturally swimming abound in shallow water for the first
time this year. The water temp ranged from 50 degrees to 58
degrees. We caught the bass on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and

Also, Here is the picture of the big Bobcat I saw the day before.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services

02/25/09  The catfishing has been great.  Capt'n Mike

I caught these two fish around 5pm, Wednesday February 25th 2009. I was using a white weed less jig.

Capt'n Mike, Reese McBroom and I fished on 2-24-09 and caught 6
bass up the around 3 pounds. We caught them on crankbaits and
jigs. The water temp was 48 degrees when we started but it was 52
degrees when we fishished.

We got to take pictures of two bobcats that were moving along the
bank. I will try to get a picture later.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

02/21/09  Sure was cold and windy last night, looks like a beautiful week coming.   Capt'n mike

Capt'n Mike,  I fished by myself on Friday 2-20-09. The bass bite
was slow due to the cold water. I found the water temp. from 46
degrees to 52 degrees back in the creeks. I managed to catch 4
bass on rattletraps and spinnerbaits up to 2-3/4 pounds and the
others all went over 2 pounds. I was looking for the big bass,
but at this time of the year I will take what I can get. I hope
we get some water warming weather soon.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services

02/18/09  Well the first above ten was reported today by Lance Howard. 10.25# caught up Gobbler on a blue and silver rattle trap.


02/18/09  Winter action has been good, catfish especially.  Capt'n Mike

AC Harris of Abernathy shows of a nice catch for this past weekend big yellow 20#

02/12/09  There have been some respectable bass caught recently, no whoopers but in the 5 to 7 range,  catfish continue to bite.  We had about 7/10 of an inch of rain so it put some oxygen in the water.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

My brother Boyd, Doug Reeves and I fished on 2-06-09. We found
the bass up the creeks in the warmest water we could find. We
caught 5 bass up to 3 lbs. 5 ozs. on spinnerbaits and jerkbaits.
We caught nothing in the morning, but after the sun was on the
water for most of the day the bass started biting. The key was to
find the warmest water in the lake.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services


02/05/09  Pretty days have had an effect on getting people out of the house, nothing better than a fishing pole in your hand to put you in that happy place.  Capt'n Mike

water clearing in the creeks from lake turnover,  water temp at 43*, bass fishing moderate to good 3# to 7# in creeks on jig & pig, worms and spinner baits.    Womack Guide Service, Delton Womack

01/21/09  The catfishing has been real good, some nice bass up to 5# on spinners and worms.  Capt'n Mike

AC Harris of Abernathy Tx.  23.2# Blue caught in about 10ft water 01/21/09

New Lake Record


01/04/09  Happy New Year and many good fishing memories for this coming year.   There have been a few big crappie caught and a few nice 3 to 4# bass caught over the holidays.  Be sure to send in your reports and water temp it sure helps.  Good fishing in 2009 please practice catch and release Capt'n Mike

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