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12/17/08   Still a few die hards out there, it is cold and slow.  Finesse is the name of the game now.  Capt'n Mike

 Capt'n Mike,  David Heaton and I fished on 12-12-08 with the air
temp around 60 degrees, and the water temp from 48 degrees to
54.9 degrees. We caught bass where we found the warmest water on
jigs, and lost a couple on spinnerbaits. The largest bass
weighted 3 lbs. 1 oz. with the rest going 2 lbs. or more.
We fished hard in the afternoon, but spent a lot of the morning
touring around the lake.

I am finally back from Slovakia where my wife and I spent 3 weeks
teaching english (I taught Texan) using the Bible as a textbook.
We had a very rewarding trip. We really met some very nice

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

12/07/08  Several boats in the parking lot yesterday, lake is cooling down, but still some fish being caught.  Capt'n Mike

Spent a few hours on the lake today, caught two fish, both over 3lbs. One on spinnerbait and one on crankbait. Some schooling late in the day. Water Temp was 52-53 degrees. The cold nights are bringing it down.


Tracy Cumby   12/07/08



11/21/08  A find said that Wednesday and Thursday were great, bass in 5 to 10 ft. water and shartuse was the color.  Capt'n Mike

Captain Mike,
Fished all day on Wednesday and caught 14 total on Suspending Rogues off main lake cuts.
Key is deadsticking the bait!!! Water temp 58. One jig fish on black and blue.
Happy fishing!


11/14/08   Crappie are showing some promise but the bass have been elusive.  Capt'n Mike

Hi Captín Mike!


My dad, Jack, and I went fishing at the crappie house on Saturday. At around 10pm I noticed a little bite on my line. I waited and waitedÖ. Finally it really started to bite. So, I yank the pole and felt something very heavy. So, Iím reeling and thinking this is going to be a good size bass. It fought so much that I got a little nervous thinking my line would break so I handed the pole to my dad. I grabbed my gloves and he reels in aÖ bass? In shock, I yelled itís a crappie, a huge crappie! 16 inches and all crappie! Hereís a pic.



Jennifer & Jack


11/03/08   Small amount of top water action going on,  crappie are slow..  Capt'n Mike

Fished on Saturday, October 18th.  Caught 7 fish total small between 1lb-3lbs.  5 were caught on topwater early on main lake and late and 1 was caught on spinner bait up in gobbler and one on finesse worm wacky rigged on the main lake.
Randall Greenfield


10/27/08  The big flatheads are still being caught but the crappie have yet to turn on, any day now,  bass have been slow.  This has got to change,  next ten days are mild and we should see some improvement.   Capt'n Mike

JB Orr and Mike Mason proudly display a 38# flathead caught Sunday morning. 


10/23/08  The lake temp is in the 60's, so it is time for fall fishing to start, it has been to warm the last couple of weeks to do much good.   Now is the time to go fishing.  Capt'n Mike

Fishing was pretty slow we caught a few little ones.  Not one top water bight on yellow magic or buzz-bait.  There were only about a dozen trailers in the lot.  There are some positive things going on with new restrooms built, and dirt being moved for something else right behind the porta-potties.

Water temp was about 67, 68 most everywhere we went.  Iím sure it might warm a little but we left about 2 p.m. with white caps hitting the main lake.

But it was nice early and always good to get out with a friend.

Ross & Steve  10/21/08


10/07/08  Lots of shad schooling,  the top water bite is starting as the water temp falls.  Capt'n Mike

10/06/08  It starting to pick up.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike, I fished a half day with Joel Lanier and Todd Rhodes on
10-3-08, and we caught around 7 bass on topwater baits and plastic
worms. We found schools of shad in the back of the creeks, but the
bass did not seem to have followed the shad yet. This should happen
soon if the water temp keeps falling. The temp was 74 degrees early
in the morning, and 79 degrees around noon.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe, Norman Clayton's Guide Services

10/01/08  Well the stock market in the Justiceburg Community fell this week, a wild hog and a deer were run over other than that not much change.   The lake is full and beautiful and the perfect spot to think of what is going on in wall street or not think about it.  Fishing is the cure, quit the worry and hook up the boat.   Capt'n Mike

09/28/08  The lake has settled down and became alot clearer,  that should make for some excellent fall fishing.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

Darrell Cmerek, Colton Cmerek ( 12 years old), and I fished on 9-
20-08. We caught 7 to 10 bass on topwater and plastic worms.
Darrell caught the largest which weight 3 lbs.15ozs. We also
spent a lot of time letting Colton fish for bluegill. We caught
so many we lost count. The lake was still more than full and
going about 2 feet over the spillway. The water temperature was
73 degrees when we hit the lake at 7:15am, but at 6pm the temp
was up to 79 degrees.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services


Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Bill and Tom Mann on 9-18-08. The water was going
over the spillway 3 feet deep with a lot of the water dirty from
all the rain we received. You had to wade the water to get out on
the boat dock. We still managed to catch 10 bass on worms in
water 5 to 15 feet deep. Two of the bass were close to three

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

New Pictures on Norman's site


09/16/08  Well yesterday I got some good reports on bass about 20ft deep on motor oil color and today these big boys came in, large yellow was 45# and the largest blue was 28#, caught last night on troutline, by Johnny  Davis and Steve Jones of Lubbock.  Capt'n Mike

Steve Jones and Johnny  Davis

08/30/08  Bass are deep and hard to find for most, crappie slow to lucky to find some and the catfish are good at night.  Capt'n Mike

Hey guys I caught this fish on August 16th at about 11:30 pm. It weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 24 inches long.  I have fished alan henry many times and have never had a disapointing trip.  Keep up the good work guys!!!
Clint Faulkner
Lubbock, Texas

08/14/08  Some decent catches of crappie have coming in the past week.  Capt'n Mike

08/05/08  Catfish and crappie in the evening and at night time,  bass at night , with some morning and eveing action .. Capt'n Mike

Jul 30, 2008 Water lightly stained; 83 degrees; 0.78' low. Black bass are good on white buzzbaits early and late in day, and white spinnerbaits and black/chartreuse jigs along timber lines. Crappie are good on minnows and jigs

Carl Edgar


07/29/08  The crappie house is back in its old place for good or bad.  The catfishing and crappie have been respectable for summer.  Capt'n Mike


Capt'n Mike,  I fished the night of 7-24-08 with Carl Cox and
Mike Johnson, and we caught 14 bass on a very tough night of
fishing. We caught most of them on plastic worms after midnight.
The largest weighed 5 lbs. 8 ozs. with a couple of others going
over 3 lbs.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services


07/18/08   Beat the heat and go night fishing, the crappie are good and the catfish are better at night,  with the full moon the bass are active.   Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,  I fished with Larry Frymire of Abilene on the night
of July 15th. We caught 16 to 18 bass on worms. Larry caught a 4
lb. 9 oz. largemouth and a 3 lb. 12 oz. spotted bass. I caught a
8 lb. 2 oz. largemouth, a 5 lb. 10 oz. largemouth, and a 3 lbs 6
oz. spotted bass. we had a pretty good moon for the night, but
the clouds did cause us a little problem of being able to see the
shoreline. Lately, the night fishing has been great, and it's a
lot cooler at night.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services



07/07/08  The lake is in good shape only down about 1 3/4ft. , catfish has been good and there have been some nice bass taken in the past week.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,  On July 4th night, I fished with Brandon and Keith
Smith. The largest bass caught was this 7 lb. 9 ozs fish on a
plastic worm. As we were fishing the fireworks display was great.
Some of the fireworks were of professional quality. We loved it.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services



07/03/08  Some good fishing at night with these hot temps.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike, I fished with Larry Frymire all night starting on
sunday, 6-28-08. We didn't catch a lot of bass, but the ones
Larry caught were of a good size. The two largest went 5 lbs. 5
ozs. and 7 lbs. 2 ozs. This is really fun when you don't have a
moon to see by, and there's not much artificial light on the
lake. We also lost a couple of good fish during the night when
they either treed us or threw the hook at the boat. We're both
ready to go again.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,

Norman Clayton's Guide Services




Caught by James Mc Govern and Haylen Cave

06/30/08  Catfishing has been good, but the bass have been deep and picky.  Capt'n Mike

   Hello Mike ,   We've been comeing to Lake Alan Henry since last May and I want to share a story with you . . . We now have our Rv at Lake Alan Henry Boat & Rv park lot 28.
   Randy and I went to Lake Ute in Northern New Mexico this last weekend on a family fishing trip. The fishing was hard (Not good)!  We looked around the lake while fishing and It made us so glad that we have a place here at lake alan henry !!  We know now that the sun really does rise best  here at lake alan henry!  We knew that we loved it here , I guess you really do have to see something else to know just what you really have!  We NO longer think it  is greener on the other lake! 
Roxanne and Randy


06/18/08  Catfishing has been real good.. Capt'n Mike

We caught these fish a couple weeks ago. The two bigger fish weight 7.4 and 7.5. Third is a spot.  
Cade Wilson



06/13/08  Water temp is coming up but not that fast, I was on the lake yesterday and about 3 ft down it was chilly.  Capt'n Mike


Capt'n Mike,

I fished with Steve and Jordan Busby of Springlake, TX on 6-12-08,
and we caught around 20 bass up to 5 lbs. 13 ozs. We caught a few
fish on worms, and then we got to catching schooling bass. We had
lots of fun trying to get close enough to put a lure in the schools
of bass.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

Capt'n Mike,  I fished with Monty and Jim Pettyjohn on 6-09-08, and
we caught 13 bass. The wind was out of the southeast until around
10:00am, and then the wind changed to coming out of the northeast.
It was a strange day, but about normal for Alan Henry. We caught a 5
lb. 4 oz., a 4 lb. 10 oz., a 3 lb. 5 oz., and a nice spotted bass of
a little over 2 1/2 lbs. The bass were around 10 to 20 feet deep.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,    Norman Clayton's Guide Services


06/09/08  Even thought the wind won the days, there were some nice bass caught this weekend, up to 8#.  Capt'n  Mike


Capt'n Mike,  I fished on 5-31-08 with Barkley and Landon McClellan,
and their Grandpa, Keith Kimbler. The fishing was tough, but Barkley
was able to catch the largest bass he had ever caught. The fish
weighted in at an ever 5 lbs. caught on a plastic worm. We caught
two more bass at around 3 lbs. plus some smaller bass.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services


Capt'n Mike
Paul Landrum caught this large mouth bass at Lake Alan Henry on 4/26/08. She weighted in at 10lbs and was 19" long.  We have gone to this lake for about 6 years and we done a little fishing but mainly played on the water with our boat and waverunner, but that day the water was cold and he decided to fish and boy was he ever lucky


05/30/08  Fishing has been good if you wait till evening,  lots of catfish being caught at night.   We need a break from the wind, looks like we might get it for the  weekend.  Capt'n Mike

Capt'n Mike,

I have been on the lake so much that I haven't had time to write the
fishing reports, but I am going to catch up at litte.

On May 12th, I fished with Keldon Johnson and Kyle Johnson. We
caught 28 bass on blue flake worms, senkos, and flukes. Keldon
caught the largest at 8 lbs. 5 ozs. We all caught several bass over
3 lbs. See picture.

On May 13th, I fished with David Collins, and we caught betweed 11
to 15 bass with the most being on beds. The largest went 5 lbs. We
could not find any large bass on beds that would stick.

On May 14th, I fished with Drew and Ron Dutton. It rained with
lightening in the morning which made the fishing tought. We got on
the lake for a while and caught 9 bass that were not very large.

On May 16th, I fished with Ken and Doug Dosier, and we caught 9 bass
up to 4 lbs. 5 ozs.

On May 19th, I fished with Rick Holland and Kelly and we only fished
a short time. We still caught 9 bass up to 3 lbs. 14 ozs.

I then took a few days off for my wife to have surgery on her
shoulder which  went very well.

On May 24th, I fished with Gary Dockery and Fred Caswell, and we
caught around 25 bass up to 4 lbs. 11 ozs. We had another to nearly
4 lbs.

On May 27th, I fished with Thomas Wright and Boyd Clayton, and we
caught 9 up to 3 lbs. 14 ozs.

The bass are now moving into deeper water. We have been catching
bass in about 15 feet of water.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services



05/25/08  Fishing has been pretty good this week.  Have a nice Memorial Day.  Capt'n Mike

Capt. Mike,
  Let my 10 yr old play hooky last Friday and go fishing.  He caught twelve bass.  Here are a few of the bigger ones.  Had to fish right in the middle of the trees to get a bite.  We did see some big girls cruising around but they were real spooky.  He had a blast and we got some great pictures.
God Bless,


05/21/08  If you can stay out of the wind there have been some good bass caught this week, suggestion it is a full moon fish at night.  Capt'n Mike

Lake Alan Henry is impressing me more and more every time I go.  Iím just starting to get back into some good quality fishing time after no doing it for about 16 years when my dad used to take us.  A few weeks ago I caught the biggest bass I ever caught in my life and they were two 4.5 pounders here at lake Alan Henry.  This past Saturday (5-17-08) I caught an even bigger bass.  A 7.5 pound bass in the shallows.  All smiles for me!  I definitely look forward to coming back next time and fishing this wonderful bass lake.  Attached is a picture of the 7.5 pound bass.


Take Care,


05/13/08  Still some big fish trying to spawn it not over.  Capt'n Mike




05/06/08  We just can not get a break this year, cold front last weekend pushed the spawners back, now the rain.  Maybe by the weekend it will settle down.  Capt'n  Mike

Me and my boys made another great memory on Alan Henry. We caught this guy (15lbs) on a worm in 25 feet of water 5-2-08. every time my boys tell the story the fish gets bigger and the story more exciting.
pictured- (brice,jacob,mark and Garrett)
I want to thank the guy from Odessa for the great tip, and the worms!! 
Mark Hacker Shallowater Tx


04/28/08  As of my opinion and some others around the lake the Saturday night cold spell that produce a monday  morning temp on my porch of 39* set the spawn back, that's cold.  They

 are ready if mother nature cooperates.   Here are some good links about the lake.   Capt'n Mike


Catch of bass 4-23-08 video

This 9.1 lb. bass was caught by Steve Casner Friday, April 25th.


04/25/08  Water temp is there and they are coming up to the beds.  Go fishing.  Capt'n Mike

I wanted to say thanks for the wonderful stay and let you know how we did on the fishing.  Although the bass fishing was real wet on wed we did manage to pull 5.14 pounds but Thursday was really slow and we gave up. However the catfish on Monday night made up for all the bass fishing. We brought in a total of 144 pounds of cat fish with the big fish being 37 pounds and the next being 21 pounds they were all caught using live bait.  Thanks and again for the stay and a extra big thanks for going above and beyond calling to warn us about the approaching storms on Wednesday
                                                   William Harpold 



04/23/08  Good fishing is happening now.   Capt'n Mike

cptn. Mike,

   I picked this beauty off her bed in little grape on Monday, April 21 '08. She was caught on a 6 in. green brush hog with chartreuse died tail. Weighed her twice. our scale showed 10.12 lb. another boaters scale showed 10.14 lb. Just wanted to share this beauty with the rest of the angler's that fish this wonderful lake. thanks for your support in keeping this site up and running and all of us informed.

04/22/08  Go fishing, last night some fellows that fished all night caught a 135#s of catfish and a few crappie.  I will post a picture later.   Most of the bass have be small but that's going to change.  Capt'n Mike

     Hey Captain Mike, I was wanting to send you my big fish caught during the skeeter bass tournament. She wasn't a monster, but she was big enough to win big bass, weighed in at 7.53 lbs. I am also proud to announce that she helped me win the big stringer of the tournament weighing 13.93 lbs. Looking forward to staying at your place the first week of June; until then hope you enjoy great fishing.
                                                                                                Thank You,
                                                                                             Kerry Guyette



Shane and Chandler Walker show off a 35* opp or yellow that they caught Saturday night.  Dale gets to clean the fish. 

04/21/08  Two words Go Fishing.   Capt'n Mike

04/20/08  Yesterday there was a 12# caught.  Most everyone agreed that the spawn was just starting.  Next week  should be really good.  Capt'n Mike

04/16/08   What a weekend coming up full moon, big money on the line for big fish.  Maybe this is the weekend for the state record bass to be caught out of this lake, maybe not but everyone knows there is one or several in this lake.  Good Luck Capt'n Mike



Joey Lee
General Sales Manager         Big 17" crappie
West Texas Nissan
4307 JBS Parkway
Odessa, Texas 79761
ph 432-550-3333 fx 432-366-6923

11 &12 # bass caught April 5

04/14/08   Go fishing, you will catch something.  Capt'n Mike

Cap'n Mike, it was great seeing you again. We had a wonderful weekend at the
lake. The lodge is like a home away from home. The hospitality was way above
and beyond our expectations. We had a most excellent time. You truly made us
feel welcome. We look forward to coming back. Here are a couple of pictures
we wanted to share. A couple of 5 pounders to show.

See you soon!!!!!

Me and Billy with a few!!!

Billy with a nice one!!!
Buck Maples


Click for good crappie catch 04-12-08

Click for good crappie catch 04-06-08

04/07/08  They have been some real good crappie caught in the past few days.  They are going into shallow water.  The bass are staging so it will not be long.  Capt'n Mike

<<...>> <<...>> <<...>> <<...>>

Just a few pictures of fishing trip Tuesday. Largest somewhere close to 7lbs, also a picture of the 5lb fish and the other two are average size to what I caught all day.

35 total for the day! 

Joey Lee

General Sales Manager

West Texas Nissan



Capt'n Mike,

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you of our recent trip. My wife and I fished Saturday April 5 with Guide Norman Clayton. We very much enjoyed his company and learned a lot about the lake and techniques that work on Alan Henry. We didn't tear them up that day but caught 6-7 bass mostly on Sinko type worms. (the largest went 3.5 pounds) That day was fairly warm and very windy and not much fun as far as the weather.

Mr. Clayton took the time to instruct my wife and I instead of just taking us out fishing. He really helped a lot. You'll never meet a nicer man and true professional guide. Thanks to Norman Clayton Guide Service, we will return more confident and now know where to locate the fish during our next fishing trips. I highly recommend Mr. Clayton's Guide Service to anyone wanting to learn more about bass fishing or just to experience a great time out with family or friends. Thanks again Mr. Clayton and best of luck.

We also stayed one night at the Lake Alan Henry Lodge. Nice comfortable place to stay so close to the lake! Felt like we were in a home instead of some old cabin or motel room. It made the trip easier than having to drive real early in the morning, 2 1/2 hours for us. Thanks to all, a very nice trip. We'll see you again very soon!
 Scoot Stanford

04/06/08  Good day yesterday 2 10#ers caught and several in the 8-9 # range.  Capt'n Mike

4-2-08  I fished the west part of the lake and we caught 14 Bass with the largest being 8# . We caught all of the Bass in 7 to 10 foot of water on a red 7 inch. worm. Water temp. was 54.

Tom Harris
Great Bend,Ks


04/02/08  If the cold fronts will leave us alone fishing would be great.  Capt'n Mike


The bucks are starting to bed, big females are in transision but are becoming visible.   Hot pockets in the lake are producing now.  Flats & stained water is your best bet, blue fleck, shakey heads, lizzards-vary colors, jigs-blue black, green, worked slow, spinner baits in stained water and on points.  Mac McConnell Guide Service 806.773.2389


I fished Alan Henry 4-1-08 and caught 8 bass.  7 of the 8 were caught on a Strike King bleeding spinner bait (white with red hook and white and red skirt).  The slower I fished it the more success I had.  The key to the pattern seemed to be running deep and slow past cover.  If I dragged it into or over the cover I never got a hit.  I hope this is helpful to your readers.  Iíve enclosed a picture of four of my fish.


Steve Winge    r



03/31/08  Last night the outside temp never got below 68*, the lake temp in places is reading 61*.    With the good catches this weekend, it's time to go bass fishing, also there have been some giant crappie caught trolling.  Capt'n Mike

Went out to the lake and the Water temp was 61 degrees


Rudy Mendoza

Capt'n Mike,  On March 20th, I fished with Jenifer and Ozzy McDaniel
on a very windy day. Jenifer had never caught a bass before, but she
got her first one in spite of the wind. We did not catch many bass,
but Jenifer got her first bass.

On March 21st, I fished with Bill Ballenger and his brother-in-law,
Rush. We caught about 13 or 14 bass with the largest going 3 lbs. 6

On March 22nd, I fished with Marc and Matthew Nelson. We caught
around 14 bass on red spinnerbaits and red Fat Free Shads with the
largest going nearly 3 lbs.

On March 25th, I fished with my brother Boyd, and we caught 11 or 12
bass up to 6 lbs. 3 ozs.

On all these trips, we found water from 54 degrees to 62 deprees,
but we could not catch fish in the warmer water.

Thanks, Norman Clayton's Guide Services



03/28/08  There were some pretty good fish caught up river yesterday.  These fish were caught in shallow stained water.  Today this cold front will affect it, but maybe it will pass by the weekend.  Capt'n Mike

03/24/08  Afternoon edition, big crappie being caught up the river past the highline balls.  Capt'n Mike

03/24/08  The bass are moving up now, this front will push them back but I bet after this warm week they will be there.  Capt'n Mike

03/22/08  I know of 2 nine #ers caught today.   Must be the front.  Capt'n Mike

03/20/08  What a Wednesday,  it was beautiful here at the lake.  We are still pre spawn, but the temp definitely  went up yesterday.  Capt'n Mike

On Friday thru Sunday, March 14, 15, 16, we found lake temps between 51 and 55. 

Scott Hennigh

03/13/08  A little bit of activity, mostly small but the water temp is going up. Capt'n Mike


Caught a 6.9lb 24in bass on black and blue Jig in 25ft water on 3-11-08.  The water temp was 50.
Steve Andrus


Fishing is good, pictured is Sabrina Orr with a 23# blue.


Capt'n Mike,
Lee Greathouse and I fished 03-12-08, and we caught 13 bass on red
crankbaits, and shad colored crankbaits. It was very windy and we
did not get any large bass located. The wind really limited where we
were fishing. The water temperature was 50 to 55 degrees.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

Capt'n Mike,  I fished on 3-11-08 and caught 9 bass on red
spinnerbaits, jigs, and crankbaits. The largest weighed 4 lbs. 6
ozs. with other close to 3 lbs. Water temperature went from 50 to 54

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services


Sunday, March 9th:
We caught five large mouth ranging 2 to 4 lbs. using
red crank baits at 10 to 15ft around structure. We did
get a few bites around structure with powerbait
pumpkin and watermelon colored worms and lizards.
Amarillo, Tx

03/03/08  The Cash Family Benefit was complete success, thanks to Brenda and John and all who helped, the food was great.  Also an 11#plus was caught and the winning catch totaled over 26#.,pretty darn good for this time of year.  Capt'n Mike

Fished Mar 1 & 2, windy each day! Wind tore up the boat docks and walkways on Sunday!
Caught 4 or 5 fish each day, including this 6 pounder!
Ron Love



Capt'n Mike,  Dean Buckner, Tim, and I fished Saturday, 3-1-
08, on a day that turned out to be very windy.  The day
started off calm and beautiful, but the fish didn't start
biting until the wind got up. We caught 9 bass with the
largest going 3 lbs, 15 ozs and 3 lbs. 6 ozs. on spinnerbaits.
The bass are on the verge of really turning on.

We found the water temperature to be from 50 to 58 degrees.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

02/29/08  Here is a good tip from Clayton on what is going on.  All help is needed to keep up with the temp right now so send it in.   Capt'n Mik

Capt'n Mike,

I fished 2-28-08, and I caught 8 bass. The largest went 4 lbs.
6 ozs. I caught them on red crankbaits and red spinnerbaits up
in the stained water. The water temptature was 49 to 55

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services

02/27/08 Crank baits and anything fished deep is what is working on the bass.  The crappie and catfish have been good at night.  Capt'n Mike

Noon Sunday 2-23-08 warm weather with water temp at ramp 49 degrees, up river coves 53 degrees. Fishing very slow on crankbaits - did not try anything else, one 3 pound bass on shallow crankbait near bank in 20 ft. of water.
Chuck and Anj

02/21/08  The fishing was good this weekend with a 7 and 12 bass being caught.  Capt'n Mike

The bite was few and far between but the fish that did bite were quality bass.  I only caught four fish but they weighed from 3.0-4.5 pounds.  Slow rolling a crankbait was the key.  I also found some 50.5 to 51.5 degree water in Rocky Creek and up in the Brazos.  A lot of fish were suspended in 15ft to 17ft of water.  
Jason Phillips


02/19/08  The time is approaching so make sure that boat is running and your gear is read for a great spring fishing.  Capt'n Mike


Pictured is John Davis with a nice flathead.


Hey Mike, I am starting a Texas Bass Couples affiliation tournament
series and most of them will be held at Lake Alan Henry. I will have a
website up soon and tentative dates. If you know anyone interested in
this, have them shoot me an email.
Thanks, Kevin Phillips


Capt'n Mike,  Reese McBroom and I went fishing 2-08-08. The
bass fishing was slow, and the water was cold (46 degrees). We
only caught 2 small bass, but we got some really good pictures
of 3 Bobcats that came down close to the water. We got to
watch them for a good while before they decided to slowly
leave the area.

Fish Fun-Fish Safe,  Norman Clayton's Guide Services


02/07/08  There have been some pretty good winter fishing lately.  Capt'n Mike

On Feb 1 & 2 we fished all night at the crappie house and caught about 150 crappie between both nights most under sized. Except for these two which measured at 17 1/2 inches and 16 inches and about 10 other between 11-13 inches.


We were fishing all night at the crappie house on 1/13/2008 and about 2:30 we caught this bass off a bass minnow. He was 26' inches and weighed 10.00 pounds exactly!!!



02/03/08 Pretty good string of catfish caught by the crew of 4 way movers this week, the old man was in Vagas and missed the fish.  Capt'n Mike    ps pictured is John Davis, Donny Culpepper and David Bilbrey a 21# blue, 15# yellow and several good ones.

This 5.2 lbs. bass was caught on the 26th of January.  The water was 44
degrees, but it was a nice 65 degrees outside  by Brian Moffit.

01/25/08  Better get ready spring is right around the corner.  Looks like the crappie are good and getting better.  Capt'n Mike

I'm always saying "take a kid fishing, it will make your day". Well take your 85 year old dad fishing and it will really make your day, especially when he out fishes you! Water temp was about 43 degrees up the creek we were fishing. Using really big minnows (Brenda is out of small minnows) we caught some really big crappie in about 12 ft of water. As usual it was a gorgeous day at Alan Henry. There were a total of four boats on the water all day. The best fishing was from about 5:15 PM to a little after 6 PM. We can't wait to spring. I'll bet the crappie will be just awesome. Here's a picture of my dad with the two biggest "barndoor crappies".

Jack Bains


01/10/08  May this year be the best fishing year ever.  The lake is in great shape, it is a little more than a foot down from full.  As the lake warms, up the river and white spinner baits will be best.  The crappie are deep as well as the catfish.  Remember winter fishing is all about finac'e.  Please send in lake temps it helps a lot.  Thanks Chuck  Capt'n Mike

ps  Catch and release, Please

1-4-08 lake temp 45 at ramp, and 43 in gobbler. weather 60 and windy.
Chuck Spaugh



At the top of this report are the past 7 years history of fishing the lake.  This should be a great year.  Remember always Catch & Release.

Happy New Fishing Year, Best of Luck

Capt'n Mike

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