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Remember that the speed limit from Hwy 84 to the lake {fm 2458} is 55 mph and from the guard house to  the lake is 35mph and drops to 15mph on entering the parking lot.  Don't be a victim of the radar traps.

12/29/02  Not much happening at the lake, a few hunters and some real lucky fishermen have enjoyed some real mild days.  Here are some good results though.  Capt'n  Mike

Just to let you know having trouble catching more than 1 or 2 fish but the
good news is last four fish have all weighed over 4#'s. White spinnerbait
caught em all - silver blades seem to be the ticket. 3 were in about 6 - 8
foot of water with the last in about 12 -


I took my dad Jack Bains and my rat terrier Luis fishing Sunday before last and caught this 21 inch bass on a white spinner bait in about 3 ft water upriver from the marina just as the sun was getting up good.

Ronnie Foy and his son Keenan caught one just a hair smaller later in the day, I think on a live minnow.

Sure was fun. Both are back in the lake ready for next time.

Jack Bains


12/27/02  Here is an interesting email that come to my attention, I will address this at a later date, but I think this is very important if you fish or recreate on Lake Alan Henry.

In a couple of weeks the city of Lubbock is going to vote on rate hikes for Allen Henry. They state the reasons as such: To discount rates for the city of Lubbock residents who already pay the debt service on AH through water rates, To attract large families to visit the lake, efficient to collect, reducing customer wait times at the gatehouse. Higher fees on weekends than weekdays because heavy weekend use requires more staffing, and higher weekend fees will shift some users to weekdays. Here are the recommended Fee Structure Changes:
Lubbock residents
Daily per vehicle fee 6$ weekday 8 weekend
Daily boating fee 4$ weekday 6 weekend
daily camping fee 5$ weekday 8 weekend
Non Lubbock Residents
Daily per vehicle 8$ weekday 14 weekend
daily boating fee 6$ weekday 10 weekend
Daily camping fee 8$ weekday 12 weekend
Annual vehicle fee 48$ to non 96$
Annual boat stickers 32$ to non 64$We need all the fisherman to write or call the city of Lubbock to voice there displeasure of these fee proposals. The phone number is 806-775-3001 for the mayor and city councils office. The
at the lake has been a nightmare from the beginning and getting worse. These will be the highest rates in the state and they are talking too about limiting the amount of people on the lake. So help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/12/02  The bass are real deep and slow to bite, watch your line for movement, try some plastic minnows lite in color.  Capt'n Mike

12/09/02  If you go be sure to take a white spinner bait, that seems to be the one of choice, if you can get anything to bite.  It is real slow.  Grubbs may soon be closing for winter so call ahead to see if they are open {806.629.4026}, there is also bait in Post at Nancy's by the court house.  Capt'n Mike

1211/27/02  Happy Thanksgiving!!!   Capt'n Mike

11/22/02  Not much happening, cold weather coming in on Saturday, maybe it will shake something loose besides my teeth.  Capt'n Mike

Fished Alan Henry 11- 18,19 -02. The lake temp ranged from
55  degrees to 50. Fished the shore lines the first day and caught one. That night we fished tied up to the crappie house, boated 25, all were small. The second day started out like the first, changed tactics about 2 pm, started drift fishing which produced two 1.5 lb. and two smaller ones. We used a drop shoot rig and head hooked the minows, had to leave a couple hours later. The fish were caught in 20-30 ft of  water. Lake looks great many improvments being added at the ramps.
                                   Ken Cobb
                                   Mike Rhoads


11/18/02  Still pretty slow, some action on white buzz baits fished in the shallows in new growth, or deep with plastic worms.  The crappie are getting active at night under lights.  Capt'n Mike

11/03/02  Anybody seen the sun, some one stole it from West Texas, I can not remember it being this cloudy and wet in my lifetime here and I am 52.  There have been some brave fishermen who have been having some luck in this weather with a 6 and 7# bass caught on sluggos.  The catfishing has picked up as well as the picky picky crappie.  Capt'n Mike

11/01/02  Well I guess they need to bring London Bridge to Lake Alan Henry, we sure have been having the fog and rain.  1 day of sunshine in 2 weeks.  The few soles that have braved the water are reporting some action on blacks up to about 6#s on spinners and worms and the crappie love the weather.  Not much in the way of catfishing, but the lake has caught 2ft. of water. Capt'n Mike

There was a 13.6 Black Bass caught off the crappie house by a 92 year old man fishing for crappie, last week.  Capt'n mike

10/26/02  The bass action has pick up some from dead slow to half___.  The crappie and catfish seem to like the weather which has been terrible, for a week.  All could be better.  Capt'n Mike

Went fishing with my brother on10/20 .caught some small ones. about 1oclock went in a cove close to the dock .caught 6lb bass.hehehehe.he was in about 3feet of water.  Tammy Whitson

10/17/02  Mostly little ones but at least there biting some.  Good reports on catfish being taken at night and on trotlines, some crappie being caught but nothing of any size.  I'll bet the water temp is continuing to fall with these cooler nights.  As soon as someone sends me a new reading I will post it.  We have rain forecast for Friday and Saturday, my guess is this will be the first good fishing this fall, that is if it rains.  This lake this year seems to make you pay for your pleasure with fish biting in bad weather.  Good Luck  Capt'n Mike

 Mike !!
 The fish are moving !  I caught 15 bass & 30 keeper crappie
friday evening. All you have to do is go between cold fronts or go with me. I ll put you on fish.
                                                  Watch that Line
Hook em Guide Service

I caught a 16 inch large mouth Saturday on a live six inch perch, and hooked one that looked like a monster it jumped out of the water a good two or three feet shook the perch and hook out of its mouth and took off. I have never seen a bass that big. I have been catching some nice bass one live perch, with a big bobber with it set about four feet deep without any weight, in the cove across from the boat docks. Mr. Twister

10/14/02  Still nothing to report, but bad news.  Heard of a 12# yellow caught but no good news of any bass or crappie being caught but I did not get results yet from the bass tournaments this weekend.  Please someone send in some good news.  Capt'n Mike

10/12/02  As of friday night at 8pm everyone said they had a terrible day, only little ones.  The cold front that is moving through on Saturday may change things it can not get any worse.  There is a big tournament there today so maybe we will get some good reports, keep you finger crossed.   Capt'n Mike

10/04/02  The lake showed quiet a bit of improvement this week, with everything trying to bite.  I am sure the cooler weather had something to do with it.  It  may be a good weekend to fish.  Capt'n Mike

09/30/02  Well it was a good day, a keeper crappie and this monster.  Maybe if I can catch one like this, the drought must be broken.  Capt'n Mike

9# Black, don't worry he's still alive and well 


09/25/02  Well some people such as Richard below have enough skill to catch'em when they are not biting for rest of us.  Capt'n Mike

This fish was caught 9-22-02 at Alan Henry. It weighed 6.1 pounds on Berkley fish scales and measured 21" long.
Richard Hartmann

09/23/02  Same, same, same, very bad for the bass fishermen this weekend, one of the tournaments was won Saturday with a 4# fish.  Water is real blue and very clear, something has got to give on the bass.   The crappie still are improving but have a long way to go.  Capt'n Mike

Mike !
  Roller coastering temperatures are changing fish habits daily. water temp is going down .Its either fast moving baits or a finesse presentation. Im catching plenty of fish...but no monsters. Come with me...I ll show you how.    
Hook em Guide Service

09/20/02  Bad, bad, bad, not much biting.  If you are a die had try your black to deep blue or silver on plastic and you same colors in a midium diver.  As for as crappie best thing is bait a hole with fresh alfalfa each week also works on catfish with sour grain.  You will need all the help you can get.  Capt'n Mike   PS  Maybe by the time you get there, they will be biting, who knows.

09/16/02  The weather played a major role this weekend, with one report of 35 keeper crappie caught, the bass were generally small and the catfishing got better as the front moved through.  The trick on this lake is be there at the change and weather the storm if you are fishing for crappie.  Be careful because if you are back in Big Grape you can not see what is coming, and if you are on this lake at night and it gets overcast it can be real tricky getting back to the boat ramp.  Capt'n Mike

09/09/02  It may be about time to call in sick, the fish are biting,  must be the little surge we are getting from tropical storm Fay.  Got a good report from JR Ortiz{ Hook'em Guide Service } for this past friday.  Capt'n Mike

Mike !
    Lots of big bass caught in the last few days.
Got to the lake thurs night & ran into Richard Feagan
which has a big bass on your site for thurs. last wk.
He had another lunker bass.They told me someone else
caught a 9.5 & a 7  that morning. I went out in the morning and hooked one on a pop-r that I could not pull out .So I went in to Grubs to eat breakfast & Russ Brown walks in with this monster bass 11.5 lb.s  !!   He said he had caught earlier. I had my digital camera with me and I told him I would send it to you.Sitting there all eating together people  told me they visit your site frequently and love it; and would like more timely reports.Some folks said they were no go to going to fish there much because the jet skiers were so bad .  Well...thats the scope..
: fishing report--aug 6,2002
      What a Lake !!    
An   11.5 ; 9.5 ; 7  &  a  6  all caught friday ..aug  6th , by some fine folks I met at the lake.
 Hitting top water PoP-Rs  &  ZaraSpooks .
 Blue Fleck worms----slow presentation did the job on steep drop offs & points close to deep water. Fish being caught very early morning & late evening.                  
                       Hook em Guide Service

Russ Brown 11.5# 09/06/02

09/06/02  Good reports on Black Bass, biting top water, some excellent crappie and catfish being caught at night.  Capt'n Mike

09/03/02  The Labor Day was great, the crowd was at a minimum, and the fishing wasn't half bad, with few big bass caught and several nice catfish being catch on perch and stink bait.  Capt'n Mike


My wife and I fished the evening of Thursday Aug.
29th.  We caught 5 fish, including this 24 incher that
went 8lb 2oz.  Seems like no matter how hot it gets
this summer, they keep biting in the late evenings.
Thanks for all the fishing reports, keep up the good

Richard and Laura Feagan
Lubbock, Texas

08/30/02  The lake is in good shape for the Labor Day Weekend, catching about a 1 1/2 ft. of water last week.  The bass have been small and picky, but the catfish and crappie have been good at night.  Remember that the speed limit from hwy 84 to the lake is 55mph, don't let the speed traps spoil your weekend.   Capt'n Mike

08/22/02  The Brazos River has been running for the last 48hr., the lake has caught about a foot of water. The catfishing has been good in the muddy water, but the bass have slowed down.  I talked to a couple that had got into some small mouth on Monday, which is the third time anyone has reported catching them.  They said they had about 3 dozen minnows and caught about the same amount of small mouth, up Ince Creek.  Capt'n Mike

0/14/02  The lake got a shower last night, about a 1/2 inch.  The bass are active but small this week with the water temp about 84*.  Crappie have been fair to good at night as well as channel and blues cats.

08/02/02  With the passage of the cold front on Saturday, I predict that this will be a good fishing weekend.  Also the Sizzling Hot Bass Tournament is on August 11, instead of the10th, see tournaments.  Capt'n Mike

07/30/02  July has not been that bad for fishing, still seeing enough bass caught off the points, that make it interesting.  The keeper crappie are rare and you have to stay up late to catch them, but you might as well fish for crappie and catfish at the same time.  The catfish should be good with the lake catching water Monday after a good general rain. capt'n mike

07/08/02  The lake caught about 1ft. of water.  Larry Lee, from Slaton, caught a 13.8 on July 5.  I just got in from vacation last night and have had no fishing reports tuned in.  Capt'n Mike

8.5 caught in late June on a Carolina rig in 25 ft. of water.

Jim Simpson

06/30/02  Fishing has been pretty good for the last of June, still seeing alot of bass being taken.  The crappie are small, except in baited holes.  Seems like the catfish are there if you bait you a spot.  Remember the unofficial record bass was caught on July 7, 2000, it was 15 1/2 lbs, and 27 1/2 inches long.  He had witnesses and did not report it. Capt'n Mike

06/27/02  The water shed should have got a rain last night.  The bass are still active on the points of the main lake with the catfishing being good at night in about 10ft to 25ft water.  JR Ortiz caught this lunker on the 21st.  capt'n mike

08/06/02  Well, I'm sorry for the wrong dates on the last two fishing report, they we for July not June, must have been having to much fun.  August started great with pretty weather and big bass.  I know of 4 bass caught by one party that ranged in weight from 8.5 to 10.5 on Saturday, not bad for August.  The crappie and catfish were very slow.  Capt'n Mike

07/24/02 The lake is still been producing some nice blacks up to 21" this week.  Other than being crowded with summer traffic the fishing has been good.  Any one who is a true fan of the lake knows that the best fishing is always from Sunday night to Thursday night, that is when you can get in grove with mother nature.  Capt'n Mike

07/17/02  Lots of little fish being caught and some good keeper crappie at night.  The bass have been good but mostly on the small side, he are the better ones {pics below}.  The catfish have been biting mostly at night, with some nice yellows being taken on live perch.  Capt'n Mike


I fished Alan Henry Friday 6/14/02 and caught 10 bass,
this one the largest of the bunch.  Seems like they're
still biting real good!  I really appreciate the
fishing reports, keep up the good work!

Richard Feagan,
Lubbock, Texas

6/11/02  It was a good weekend to fish, the bass were active except they were small, the crappie and catfish really took off with the lows moving through.  The bass were mostly caught on minnows and the crappie were from 7 to 14 ft. with catfish biting at night on live and stink bait.  This time of year the lows moving though really help, but so far only a little rain has fallen on the water shed.  I guess the wind has been the fisherman's friend by keeping the recreational boats at a minimum.  The lake really held up good for the severity of the drought, it may be a 1ft down, but not much.  A rain would sure help stir up some action.  Capt'n Mike

05/31/02   The crappie and catfish are still showing some promise, mostly at night.  The bass have been rather small with a few big ones being caught, top water and worms.  The lake has some kind of algee blooming in it right now but other than the water being merky it has not bothered any thing. Capt'n Mike

PS here's one that came in this week.  

Caught a nine pounder this morning at seven on a bed in about 2 1/2 feet after deciding not to fish a tournament!  Caught her on a 10inch power purple Power worm with a long cast.  90 % of the water was 73 degrees but saw a few pockets of 67 degrees.

05/15/02  A lot of little bass action, but not many being caught of any size, the crappie are biting, but the big ones run at night in the wee hours.  The catfishing is picking up and really would if we got a rain. Capt'n mike

05/10/02  The bass are getting real picky, but still some nice ones in the range of 6# to 9# have been reported.  The catfish have really been picking up and when the river runs again they will bite like crazy up in new water. We are in that time of year when a thunderstorm can make it run in a matter of hours. If you fish with live are stink bait you will do good..  Remember that a yellow or fathead only bite live bait.  Crappie are great to eat, but the yellows and blues out of this lake are excellent too, it must be the water.  Speaking of crappie nothing great yet, but its on the increase.  Capt'n mike

05/06/02  Good weekend, several big bass caught, I saw an 11,10 and 9.5 caught and the crappie seem to be active in baited holes.  The catfish action is beginning to pick up too.  Capt'n mike

05/04/02  It's raining and the fish are biting, 8pm Saturday nite, its time to go fishing

04/22/02  Lots of activity at the lake, the crappie seem to be picking up and the bass are excellent, you just have to find the combination on the right lure at the right place and bam you got a big one, I repeat its time to go fishing.  Capt'n Mike

capt mike,
just thought you might like to know the crappie fishing was great saturday evening
we were bass fishing when my youngest son caught a big crappie on a minnow. we stoped and tied to a tree and fished till dark ..11 keepers.. one 16 1/2 inches  the other big one 17 inches  a cheap set of scales said big one was 2.24 lbs..biggest ive ever caught.. brother in law got one to the boat bigger than these two...most of them caught on a yellow tube jig  tiped with crappie nibbles  up gobbler .  what a lake

randy trull
jeremy trull
sam godwin


Ron Burress

04/19/02 Here's a 13#, but I heard there was a 14# caught this week.  Capt'n Mike



> Capt'n Mike,
> I happened to run into a guy this weekend in big grape that had just
caught a 13.1 lbs black bass.   He stopped me to ask if I knew what the
pound limit was on the sharlunker program. I told him 13 lbs and he then
pulled out this massive beast from his live well. I happened to have my
digital camera with me and I took a picture.  I will load up the picture and
send it to you this evening when I get home from work. I never got the mans
name, but I did have a digital scale and got to see first hand that it did
break the 13 lb limit.  I dont know what the man ended up doing with it.  He
did say he caught it on a lizard. I would venture to guess that he caught
the female while she was sitting on a bed and he just aggrevated the hell
outta her until she bit.
> Will send the picture later today,
> Jordan Wheatley

04/16/02  I talked to one fisherman yesterday who said that every good fish he caught that day was within 2ft. of the bank.  He said he landed 3 over 6# and lost the biggest he had ever hung.  He was using a clear jerk bait. It is the time to go fishing immediately.  Capt'n Mike

04/15/02  Well now that you have the IRS satisfied, it's time to take some time off and go fishing.  It's definitely time to go, the crappie fishermen were disappointed with the size his weekend, but the big bass came out to play.  I saw several over 9# and heard there was a 13 1/2 caught last week.  From a white grub to a black tube, if they are not on the nest they are close.  Capt'n Mike

04/11/02  By the way a 14# black bass was weighed in a Grubbs last week. This weekend is looking good. capt'n mike

04/09/02  Black grubs, red white spinners, tubes and minnows all seemed to work this past weekend on the bass, it really only slowed because of the rain Sunday.  The crappie are picking up the pace too. capt'n mike

Joe McDowell of Levelland caught this 8.9# black bass south of the dam in
about 6 feet of water on a blue fleck with firetail power worm Saturday
April 6.

04/08/02  Saturday was good and the Sun Country Tournament sure produced some nice bass.  Ben Kirkpatrick had big bass at 10.28# and top combined weights were 18 plus on 4 bass.  The lake is catching water as I post this, on Sunday.  Some good reports on keeper crappie after dark. Capt'n Mike

Ben Kirkpatrick

04/01/02  There was a 22# Black Bass that measured 30 1/2 inches caught by a 12 year old girl this morning up Gobler Creek.  Click here for more info.  The fishing was pretty good Friday before the rain, there was about 2-2 1/2 inches in the area and the lake caught about 2ft. of water.  Capt'n Mike

03/25/02  It was cold and windy all weekend, but the fish did not mind, good report on bass and crappie.  There were several 11 plus bass caught this weekend and one tournament had 3 fish that weighed 24#  as the winner.  There has been several reports of good keeper crappie being caught, most up Rocky Creek.  Fishing is sure getting better.  Capt'n Mike

03/14/02  This says to me, that this coming weekend has promise.  The fish was caught this past Wednesday.   Capt'n Mike


This fish was caught wednesday, on a black and blue jig, in 17 ft. of water. The temp was 49 and the wind was howling. The day before i caught 5 fish all in the 5 lb. range. I caught this 9.3 lb. fish after a boat had just fished this point with  a spinner bait.                              
                                    Rod Stringer

03/07/02 Well things are looking up and I love it. Capt'n Mike

               Brian Harris just wanted to let ya'll know that the fishing is alive and well at Henry. This fish was caught on March 6, 2002 about 3:00 in about 40 foot of water. I'll tell you exactly where she was caught for a huge price. I hope you enjoy this email about my story and huge 11.5 pound bass. By the way we checked the weight with two different scales, it came out the same (11.5). LOVE THIS LAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03/04/02  The reports are getting better, most of the bass are being caught on a white single spinner bait, and I have been getting some good reports on crappie.  Here is one of the best reports I have been sent.  Capt'n Mike

capt. mike,

the lake temp has been fluctuating from around 44 to 52 depending on where
you are on the lake, and of course the weather.  the average temp for the
lake is staying around 49-50 degrees.  i have still been catching fish
though.  went twice last week and caught fish both trips, with the largest
being 7.14.  this spring should produce some really nice fish for me. 
thanks.  yall have a good one.

josh butler

02/22/02  Mike
Who says you can't fish on windy cold days? I caught this bass on a minnow in about 25-30 ft. of water. It was 8lbs 3oz and 22 1/2 inches long. The crappie where also starting to bite! Had a excellent day!

I knew some one would prove me wrong way to go Mark.  Capt'n Mike

02/18/02  It was a great weekend to get the boat out and check it out.  There was a bunch of boat checking, the parking lot was 3/4 full Sunday.  Great day to be on the lake, but not if your were planning on catching bass, they are still in Miami for the winter or somewhere.  I talked to one fisherman who said it was bad but he was the only one who said he caught anything, a 4 1/2 bass, everyone else said not even a bite.  capt'n mike

02/04/02  Well so much for January, February has got to be better.  The only one I have heard of having any luck was on a white spinner.  The crappie are very sporadic mainly at night. capt'n mike

01/21/02  No, I have not gone away, but it sure looks like the fish have.  The tournament this weekend, produced one keeper bass.  I just have had no good fishing reports yet for 2002.  The ones in the know say the fish are deep to deeper and not hardly moving, hard to tell when you get a strike. Capt'n mike

01/04/02  Its been to cold to fish, and the ones that have reported in have had very little luck.  Always be careful in the winter on the boat ramp, it gets real slick.  capt'n mike

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