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12/28/01  I heard of a few good bass were caught, but nothing over 5#.  They were caught on light colored spinners. Other than that it is pretty slow.  Happy New Year!!!!  I will start a new page for 2002 but you will still be able to view 2000 and 2001 by clicking the link at the bottom of the fishing report.  See you next year, it will be a great fishing year on a great lake, I can't wait. Remember to tell the sponsors how much you appreciate there support of this website.  Capt'n mike

12/15/01  This week has been bad, not much activity on the lake or on the crappie house, got to get better.  capt'n mike

12/7/01  It may be time to do a little bass fishing, according to a friend of mine the bass have been biting all week.  He said he caught 4 keepers, Thursday morning and had good luck all week.  He said that he was fishing with tubes and  just letting them fall.  The crappie are starting to bite too.  capt'n mike

11/30/01 Good snow at the lake, about 6-8 inches Wednesday. It sure stopped fishing and the use of the boat ramp, unless you are crazy.  Remember the boat ramp can freeze and that can be dangerous, especially in the morning and evening.  Few reports on good size bass up to 8#.  These were caught this weekend, several caught on the tube below by a friend of mine.  Also, a few good catfish reports, no reports on crappie.  We are having sunshine today should help the boat ramp.  Rob Ralston, landed this big yellow on Friday.  capt'n mike


11/19/01  Lots of little bass caught, but only heard of 4 keepers.  The lake looks like it is about at it's all time high, with new water into the green.  Justiceburg area caught a about 5 inches of rain from Wednesday thru Saturday. Capt'n Mike

11/16/01  Lake still catching water, it rained 4 1/2 inches in Justiceburg in the past 2 days,  the river was running at a good pace on hwy 84 and there were 5 boats going on the lake at 7am this morning, who knows?

11/15/01  Lake was catching water in a big way Wednesday and Thursday morning,  I would say at least a foot over night from my observation at the boat ramp.  I was the only one there, so that says how the fishing was, I know if it was good there would have been some die hards out there.   Capt'n mike

11/10/01 I think were are seeing a change, good reports on bass, but real temperamental being caught on mostly salmon or pinkish grubs or tubes, this seems like the color of the week.  The crappie are coming around and the catfish are good at night.  I have heard of several big yellows being caught on live bait.  Capt'n Mike

11/1/01, We'll, it may be just wishful thinking but, I think we are seeing a little change, a few good reports on bass, and several on keeper crappie fished up by the dam in the cloves, in early morning.  I have also had some good reports on channel cat and yellows at night. I will stick my neck out and say, it may be a good weekend to go, or at least get away from the old____!!!!!!!!!!!!!  capt'n mike

10/30/01, I wished I could tell you that things have changed but they haven't yet, not a good weekend to fish.  I heard of a few bass over 5#, but I did here of some 30 plus yellows being caught.  I have no good reports on crappie, sorry.  capt'n mike

10/26/01 Well, I apologize for no fishing reports but the month of October has been as bad as it gets, nothing of size has been reported, and the ones that have been caught are small, with the biggest being a little over 5lbs.  The catfish and crappie are beginning to bite little and I mean a little.  This month has been bad for me with a good friend sick, who just died, and another fiend died, so I will be back on schedule now with fishing reports, thanks for you patients.  capt'n mike

10/09/01  The rain and front killed the fishing for the weekend.  I would bet that everything settles down this week and returns to normal, and maybe the fish will bite.  capt'n mike

10/02/01  When you go down the boat ramp and there is no one fishing on the crappie house, it pretty well tells that nothing is biting.  For those who think they can catch a fish anytime, ;;;;;;;;;;;;; I saw one good bass, everyone said they were slow.  capt'n mike

09/29/01 Nothing impressive yet.  I seen some 5 and 6 #ers caught, but most of the bass are small.  You really need to stay up late for the crappie.  No reports on catfish.  capt'n mike

09/21/01  I would say its been pretty bad this week, lots of little bass but not many keepers or should I say 18 inchers which we all throw back because I know you all practice catch and release.  The Crappie went to another lake they are just not there, at least the keepers.  This front just might change something, it can't get worse.   capt'n mike

09/17/01  Most everyone is catching alot of little bass, 2 over 10# were reported.  One was caught on a worm and I did not here what the other was caught on.  Crappie were non existent this week and few reports on catfish.  We need a rain on the watershed, and little cooler temp.  capt'n mike

09/08/01  This weeks has been better, have had several reports of Black Bass on Top Water.  The shad are running that seems to always make things better.  A few reports on catfish and the crappie are small.  capt'n mike

09/03/01 Labor Day weekend, proved that you can still catch fish on the holidays, I would say that the crowd was light to medium, considering it was a holiday.  This lake seems slow on the holidays for some reason.   Fishing has been good with a few good black bass being taken on lead head minnow, cranks and silver and black tubes.  Crappie is slow and small, but the catfish are trying to bite.  Check out fishtales, also the lake got about an inch of rain.  capt'n mike

08/26/01 Its been an enjoyable weekend, but the fishing was a little disappointing, lot of little bass but no cigar;  a few yellow cat reported and the crappie have been too small.  It's got to get better.  The lake got just a little rain, no  significant rise though.  The well on Rocky is capped and finished.  Capt'n Mike

08/15/01  Well as friend of mine said if I could put a mating dragon fly on, the Bass would jump 2ft. out water to get to it.  He said that they were biting in about 15 to 20ft on lead head plastic minnows just barely moving.  He said he caught about 50 fish with about 4 keepers Tuesday.  capt'n mike

08/09/01  Well the lake still amazes me, there was a 9# black caught at 3am on a red plastic worm in about 25ft. water.  Even with the hot weather the lake still is producing.  The crappie and catfish have been good but mostly after midnight.  There has been some rain at the lake this week, it should be getting some much needed oxygen.  capt'n mike

07/30/01  Well the bass are in deep water, but believe it or not, one fellow said he caught 4 fish one morning last week and all were over 22inches.  The catfish are biting as well as the crappie at night.  capt'n mike  ps check out the fishtales story

07/23/01  Well the little ones are biting, that is small bass in about 30ft. in the top 10ft. of water, and one guy said he had caught to 4#ers on top water Sunday morning.  The crappie are biting at night with lights and the catfish are off and on, at night.  We need a rain to change things up a little. capt'n mike

07/25/01  Good reports on keeper crappie at night under lights in 20-30 ft. water, everything else hit and miss. capt'n mike

07/16/01 Not much going on, had several reports turned in but it seem to be to hot, we need a change in the weather to make something happen.  capt'n mike

07/08/01  Crappie are biting at night and so are the channel cat, the bass are mostly small and many in number.

07/06/01 It is a little slow, with only the catfish biting at night. capt'n mike

06/28/01 Well  my computer has been down, so I have to apologize for the interruption in reports.  The lake is fine though with big blacks caught up to 10# last weekend in the KLLL fishing tournament.  The tagged bass was caught and it paid $50,000 by a guy from Southland Texas.  The bass are in deeper water and the catfish are trying to bite, crappie are good at night on minnows. capt'n mike

06/11/01 Still having good reports on blacks, but they have moved back into deeper water,14-16ft., up to 8#s being caught.  Catfish are biting as well as the crappie at night and early morning.  I heard that someone took 3 yellows out last week over 30# each.  

06/04/01  As one fisherman this weekend put it, "we're catching this size fish in June, this is a great lake", he was talking about there being a 13 plus bass as well a 10, and 2 8's caught on Saturday during the fishing tournament.  That says it all, and the crappie are biting as well as the catfish. The bass are being found on the points and were the lake has covered up the sunflowers.  capt'n mike

06/01/01 Lots of new water in the lake, probably caught 6-8 ft. of water yesterday, and some today.  Fishing has been good, with good blacks up to 8# on top water even, but mostly on crank and plastic worms, some good reports on keeper crappie out of Big Grape.  Also several nice catfish being caught on trotlines, big yellows around 30# plus.  With the river running the big yellow are running.  capt'n mike

05/29/01  The fish are biting, alot of small bass, a few large ones take on plastic worms.  The crappie are biting, with no reports of catfish.  It's a good time to go fishing.  capt'n mike

05/26/01 On Friday the lake was not very crowded, everyone we talked to was catching something. No big one to report.  capt'n mike

05/22/01 Call ahead if you are going crappie fishing, make sure that Backside, Grubbs or Nancy's, in Post, have crappie minnows they have been hit and miss some times.  However, that is good news because they are biting in the evenings and at night.  The Bass have been great with allot of action, 6-10 # are common.  The catfish activity has be good.

05/11/01  With the cold front due this afternoon the fish should be biting today.  Some good reports on blacks taken on plastic worms and crappie are biting at night.  No way around it you may have to take mother fishing this weekend. Capt'n mike

05/05/01  Lots of little bass, the tournaments had good results but not any monsters.  Capt'n Mike

05/03/01 Wednesday was not very productive, a lot of little ones, no keepers, and no good crappie reports.  It may take the weather to change and put some fresh water in the lake to start things up.  Typically right now the ones fishing when the weather turns bad are the ones that catch the big fish. Below are Jim Copeland of Anton and Don Avery of Levelland trying hard for that big one, I wonder if there wifes no they are not working. Capt'n Mike

05/01/01 Well it did not get out of my mouth good, that there had been no good reports on crappie, when I start hearing stories of it was great.  The crappie are biting, go fishing.  Capt'n mike

04/29/01  Several  reports on Blacks above 6# this weekend, got there to late for the Tournament results sorry. Most of the success has been on worms.  Still no good reports on crappie.  The Blacks have yet to spawn, its got to be soon. There were several good fish tales from the weekend.  Fishtales Capt'n mike

04/22/01 Bad weekend to fish, too too much wind, reports were strong on the ones that braved it.  The bass have not spawned yet .  Capt'n Mike

We did pretty good this weekend on soft plastics. Jason Grisham caught his first bass over 10 lbs on Good Friday. The fish weighed 10lb 3oz on the digital scale. She bit a 6" Zoom lizard...........Mike Marshall

04/16/01  Water temp is there, but the fish were not real excited this weekend, maybe they had the holiday.  Fishing was good but not what I expected.  Some good reports on crappie, fished at night with lights though.  Capt'n Mike

04/10/01  Here is a report just in.  Capt'n mike

had a great fishing day yesterday.  4 over 18 (2 at 18.5, 1 at 19 inches,
and one at 20) the water temp was 63-64.  appreciate your web page.


04/07/01 Saturday the bass were big and the fishermen happy, it's fishing time again folks.  Lots of big bass came out of the lake, with the fishing tournaments going on.  capt'n mike


These were caught Saturday 04/07/01

04/06/01 Fishing has been good all week for bass, the crappied are still not there.  Most all of the bass fishermen say they are biting just about anything. Capt'n Mike

04/02/01  Generally a good week, with a little more activity on Blacks but they were still in deep water, a few reports on crappie, but nothing to brag about.  It still seems as though the motor oil color is working and also white spinners seem good.  Capt'n Mike

03/26/01  One hell of a weekend folks,  cold, windy, rainy, but the big bass were biting both Friday and Saturday.  Most everyone was using spinners and worms and long underwear.  Truly it was lousy weather but for those who braved it, the pay off was good.  Bad weather seems to make for good fishing on this lake, but remember, we approaching severe weather season around here,  be careful when you are up Big and Little Grape Creeks because the typical storm comes from the southwest up the Brazos, and you can not see it building from these two creeks { I know from personal experience }, it will kick your ass.  Here are the winners pictures.   Capt'n Mike

More picture and figures from Amarillo Bass Club Tournament

03/22/01  A little windy today but yesterday was nice.  The water temp is back up, since last weeks cold spell.  There were a few good reports on some nice keeper bass and crappie, but nothing to write home about.  The upper tributaries are about 3-4* warmer than the main body.  It won't be long folks.  Capt'n Mike

03/18/01  Not much to report, I saw one 19' black taken on a jig and that was all except a few reports of crappie.  Bad weather was to blame on the poor fishing.  Capt'n Mike

03/16/01 It looks like Brandon Dewbre had some luck on a spinner on Tuesday of this week.

03/12/01  Sunday was a better day to fish, several nice blacks were caught, with Ben Kirkpatrick winning the Amarillo Honey Hole Tournament with a 10.26# black.  Capt'n Mike


Honey Hole Team event Sunday was won with five fish at 34.08. Had a 10+
and an 8+ . I don't know who the anglers were or what pattern they were


03/10/01 I just got back several bass tournaments going on.  Nothing real big, 6.10 was the biggest I saw, caught on Carolina rig with a 6 inch motor oil, the rest were on spinners or tubes.  Enjoy the pictures/ Capt'n Mike

Pictures from 03/10/01



 03/07/01 I was there Tuesday evening and everyone was catching a few fish, the crappie were biting in the morning and afternoon.  No reports on catfish. 

03/05/01  Beautiful weekend, and the fish were biting, and everyone I talked to said, if they didn't catch anything it was still worth it.  I had lots of reports of nice bass up to 8# being caught.  Some small crappie were reported but not many keepers.  Floyd Evans of Amarillo, said he caught bass all day, to many to count with several around 4#, mostly on dark green tubes.   Here are some pics from the weekend.  It's fishing time folks, good luck.  Capt'n Mike


02/26/01   It was a beautiful day Sunday, I counted about 50 boats trailers in the parking lot at about 12 noon.  I talked to several people and they said that it was slow.  A good friend Mac said he caught a 4# bass the night before from the crappie house on a spinner with light tackle, he said the fight was worth it.  Capt'n Mike

02/20/01 I went bass fishing 02-20-01 at Alan Henry.  It was a beauitful day, but
the fishing was really tough.  I caught 4 with the largest going 3 lbs.
8 ozs.  I cought them on white spinnerbaits and blue/black jigs.


Norman  Clayton

02/09/01 It looks like the San Anglo Bass tournament at Lake Alan Henry had a few winter strikes. Read about it on there link.        Tournament results

02/10/01 Well see'm and weep all you warm weather fishermen, here are the pictures of last weekend  from Mike Marshall.


                                               Mike 6.8                                                      Jason  6.0

02/06/01  Well just when I am about to write a scratch report for the weekend, I get an email from Mike Marshall and he said he caught fish.  Everyone I talked to had real poor luck this weekend but Mike. See fishtales.  Capt'n Mike

01/19/01  For all those fishing on this beautiful Friday before the storm good luck.  For the rest of us who are stuck at work good luck.   The rumor mill has it that last weekend there was an 11# bass caught.  The story comes from good sources.  capt'n mike

01/14/01  This week has been real slow, lots of fishermen braving the lake but not much to report.  capt'n mike


Fishing Report for year 2000

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